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Preschool education activities and early childhood education lesson plans that give preschool children choices. Ideas for pre-k and kindergarten teachers that enrich classroom curriculum are arranged by theme. Plus easy at home fun preschool activities and games that parents can use to reinforce early learning skills. There's even a search function and an opportunity to submit your own preschool activities and early childhood learning ideas. While you're here don't forget to take a peek inside the Members Only Preschool Rainbow Resource Room

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The Winter Preschool Activity Theme has 2 web pages filled with preschool and kindergarten learning suggestions for science melting experiments, art and craft activities and snow activities with don't require snow. Build a few indoor snowmen or cook up popcorn snowmen with your young children. All of these chilly early childhood education ideas are in the Winter Preschool Activity Theme plus songs and fingerplays.

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Preschool Christmas and Kwanzaa Activity Theme

The Christmas and Kwanzaa Activity Theme has art & craft activities together with ideas for decorations that are sure to encourage young children to use their fine motor skills. Youngsters learn the letters of the alphabet with the Alphabet Christmas Tree and teachers promote the early math skill of estimation with Colored Pasta Counting. If you're looking for early childhood activity themes for Colors, Shapes or Recipes for Art Activities you'll also find them along with the theme Popcorn Fun for Everyone in the Preschool Rainbow Resource Room.

There are 2 black & white printable coloring / pattern pages available for the Christmas and Kwanzaa Preschool Activity Theme.

  1. Christmas Tree
  2. Kwanzaa Kinara

Gingerbread  Man Activity ThemeRun, Run as fast as you can. You Can Catch the Gingerbread Man StoryGingerbread Man Story with early childhood education activity plans, recipes, family projects, literacy activities, action rhymes and more in the Gingerbread Man Activity Theme.

There are 3 black and white printable coloring pattern pages associated with the Gingerbread Man Preschool Activity Theme.

  1. Gingerbread House
  2. Gingerbread Man
  3. Gingerbread Lady

Puppets Can Teach  Activity Theme

The Puppets Can Teach Activity Theme has 2 web pages filled with craft ideas and activities that use puppets to enhance and stimulate the creative and cognitive abilities of young children, Invite preschool and kindergarten youngsters to learn key concepts in the areas of language, early mathematics, social studies, science, music, movement and dramatic play with the help of the puppet ideas that you'll find in the Puppets Can Teach Activity Theme which includes Easy Santa Puppets and a Father Christmas Puppet too.

There are more than 4 black and white printable Puppet Pattern Pages associated with the Puppets Can Teach Preschool Activity Theme.

  1. Paper Bag Hand Puppet Dog / Cat
  2. Tooth Puppet
  3. Hand Puppet Emotions 
  4. Sock Puppets -Teacher Made 

Preschool Food and  Nutrition Activity Theme

In the Food and Nutrition Activity Theme preschool & kindergarten children are introduced to tasty and healthy recipes that they can help cook for snack. Try making Healthy Orange Juice, Apple Pancakes, Apple Bread and cook up some Yummy Shapes. Enjoy these recipes with youngsters and try some of the Christmas Treats too! There are 4 black & white printable coloring / pattern pages available for the Preschool Food and Nutrition Activity Theme.

1. Bowl of Cereal
2. Container of Milk
3. Cracked Egg
4. Apple with a Worm

Fire Safety Activity Theme

In the Fire Safety Activity Theme there are preschool learning activities about smoke detectors and Stop, Drop & Roll. You'll find songs, chants, fingerplays, dramatic play ideas, a poem and a cooking activity plus 2 black & white Printable coloring Pages in this Preschool Fire Safety Activity Theme.

  1. Firefighter & Dalmatian Puppy
  2. Firefighter & Hose


Plant Growth for all SeasonsPlanting an indoor classroom garden all year-round provides preschool children with lots of science experiences.  You'll find activities and ideas for fall, winter, spring and summer in the Plant Growth Theme.Try Sprouting Seedlings in a ziploc bag or planting an Egg Shell Garden. Sing a few of the songs or create your own classroom Greenhouse Garden and develop a plant growth bulletin board while preschool youngsters become familiar with natural science. There are 4 Printable Coloring / Pattern Pages that help with this Plant Growth Activity Theme.

  1. Seed Growth and Flower
  2. Bean Plant
  3. Plant Growth
  4. Flower Cross-section

You'll find all these Preschool Activity Themes and 60 more when you join the Preschool Rainbow Resource Room.

How to Choose a Picture Book  In this article written exclusively for the Preschool Rainbow, award winning author Ellen Jackson offers advice that early childhood teachers can give to parents about choosing good picture books for preschool children.

pre-k book Preschool Books Listed by Themes
A pre-k curriculum resource of suggested picture books for early childhood teachers and parents of young children.  With more than 20 lists of kindergarten and pre-k books for story time and the library areas of early childhood classrooms.

The Preschool Rhyme Theme Collection is a curriculum resource with tons of finger plays, action poems, songs and nursery rhymes grouped according to early childhood education themes. Rhymes that enhance early learning about insects and bugs, animals, family, transportation, counting, community helpers and so much more!

Animal Activities  promotes pre-k and kindergarten learning with literacy, science and dramatic play ideas. Activities for Zoo Themes are here.

Activities for Toddlers has 4 seasons of learning ideas and activity plans for very young preschoolers. 

Preschool Activities for a Dinosaur Theme
Lots of early childhood classroom activities for teaching preschool children about these fascinating creatures. 

Alphabet Theme
Preschool children have fun learning the letters of the alphabet when early childhood teachers use these activity plans and games in their classrooms. 

 Counting and Number Theme
Active learning ideas that engage both small and large groups of young children in the development of counting skills. 

The Preschool Links page has informative resource sites for preschool and kindergarten teachers, plus places of interest for both parents and young children.

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