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Years ago early childhood educators were considered babysitters, not any longer. With the recent scientific findings in brain development the value of early childhood education is becoming increasingly apparent.
Preschool Rainbow is my attempt to celebrate the dedicated teachers that I have worked with and to share a few ideas that I have collected during the past 30 years as an early childhood educator.

Because parents often ask teachers to suggest fun things that they can do at home with their young children, I've included lots of easy to do ideas for them  in Home Activities.

There are informative early childhood education sites for teachers to visit in the links page. Look closely and you'll also discover a free, just for teachers offer, Munchsters. There's a section for parents in the links page too. I haven't yet found the time to annotate the links, but I'll be updating the page soon and adding more links with descriptions. 

Oops! I almost forgot to tell you that I'm a wife, mother and grandmother whose hobbies include sewing, caring for my plant collection, and a cocker spaniel by the name of Pebbles. 

My granddaughter said, "I already used up all my good colors, but I made this for you anyway".
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