Sharing Quality Activity Plans
Please Do Not write plans entirely in Uppercase / Capital letters, 
they're difficult to read.
Each plan must be submitted individually!

Your Name: Don't forget to enter your name.

Your email address: (e.g.   Double check your e-mail address.
The Subject or Title: 
Give a descriptive Title or indicate what the activity plan is about. 
Aim or Objective of the Activity Plan:
What skills will the children use during this activity?
What do you expect the children to experience during this activity?
What materials are needed?
List all of the materials that are needed to complete the activity. 
      If a storybook is needed, give the Title and Author.
      If a song is needed give the Words and Tune, and if possible the Author.
      For a finger play, poem or rhyme, give the Words and if possible the Author.
      For recipes, list all of the ingredients and their amounts.
Describe your activity plan or idea in as much detail as possible.
Some questions that you may wish to consider when giving your description are...
    Is there something that must be done by the teacher or parent In Advance of the activity?
    Are there any questions that teachers or parents should ask children during the activity?
    If children's observations are involved, what to you hope they will see?
    What kinds of help should teachers / adults offer children during this activity?
For what age groups do you recommend this plan? 
With what age groups have you used this plan?
Have you used this activity or idea? YES  or  NO
Any additional comments?
Is there anything else another teacher or parent needs to know before trying this plan with young children?
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