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Skill Checklist for Children
3.0 - 3.6 years
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The following developmental skill checklist is intended to be used by teachers as a guide and is not intended to be  a substitution for standardized screenings.
This skill checklist can help teachers:
  • Identify preschool children's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Record children's developmental progress.
  • Individualize activities and lesson plans.
  • Create a child profile.

Preschool Skill Checklist
Children Ages 3.0 - 3.6 Years

Child's Name:_________________


Date Completed:_______________

Name of Person Completing Completing Checklist:______________________________________________

Directions:  For each item, place a check in the appropriate column



Follows two step related directions (Hang up your coat and bag)
2. Groups objects by category (animals, foods, vehicles).      
3. Understands negatives (responds to no, not now.).      
4. Receptively identifies colors (red and blue.)      
5. Understands positional concept  (on, off, in, out).      
6. Provides object function (phone, pencil).  "What do we _____with?"      
7. Answers simple questions appropriately (1 to 3 word responses).      
8. Gives own first name and age and sex.      
9. Talks about what happened in the past or objects out of view.      
10. Articulated clearly, can be understood 80% of the time.      
Cognitive Skills:


Completes shape form board unassisted.
2. Enjoys looking at books and being read to.      
3. Tells what to do when you are sleepy, cold, tired, hungry.      
4. Points to chin, thumbs, knees, neck, finger nails.      
5. Sorts objects by color and size.      
6. Can discriminate between big and little.      
7. Can count to 5 by rote.      
8. Responds to directions with positional concepts...put it in, out, on, off.      
9. Copies 3 part design modeled by teacher (3 block design).      
10. Engages in pretend play...feeds doll, drives truck, cooks food.      
Social / Emotional:


Engages in parallel play.
2. Uses manners and greetings spontaneously...please, thank you, hi, bye.      
3. Expresses feelings verbally...happy, sad, angry, afraid.      
4. Shares toys or possessions willingly or with prompts.      
5.  Cooperates, follows simple rules and schedules, assists adults or peers.      
6. Takes turns with adults / peers in structured and unstructured activities.      
7. Engages in self-talk and conversation during play.      
8. Chooses own activities and attends for at least 5 minutes.      
9. Finishes activities.      
10. Friendly toward adults and peers.      
Self-Help Skills:


Uses spoon and fork to eat.
2. Pours from pitcher to cup with little spilling.      
3. Uses napkin for wiping mouth.      
4. Buttons a large button.      
5. Pulls up garments with elastic waists.      
6. Puts on socks.      
7. Undresses self.      
8. Shows awareness of dangers...hot, traffic, falling.      
9. Toilets with little or no help.      
10. Washes hands with assistance.      
Fine and Gross Motor Skills:
Can imitate circle.
2. Can stack at least 9 blocks.      
3. Wiggles thumb in imitation.      
4. Folds paper as demonstrated in half.      
5. Cuts paper (1 cut) without assistance.      
6. Strings one bead within 10 seconds.      
7. Rolls clay into balls.      
8. Catches basketball size ball with body.      
9. Walks up and down stairs alternating feet while holding rail.      
10. Runs 10 feet without falling or bumping into objects.      
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