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Skill Checklist for Children
4.6 - 5.0 years
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The following developmental skill checklist is to be used by teachers as a guide and is not intended to be a substitution for standardized screenings. 
This skill checklist can help teachers:
  • Identify preschool children's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Record children's developmental progress.
  • Individualize activities and lesson plans.
  • Create a child profile.

Preschool Skill Checklist
Children Ages 4.6 - 5.0 Years

Child's Name:_________________


Date Completed:_______________

Name of Person Completing Completing Checklist:______________________________________________

Directions:  For each item, place a check in the appropriate column



Follows three step unrelated directions.
2. Begins to use "can't", "do not" to mark negatives.      
3. Average length of sentence is 5 words.      
4. Can identify if words sound the same or different  (light-right).      
5. Makes up words having similar sounds.      
6. Asks definitions of words.      
7. Uses prepositions--on, in under.      
8. Listens to stories and answers questions or retells parts.      
9. Asks "wh" questions--who, what, where, when, why.      
10. Articulates clearly--speech is 95% intelligible.      
Cognitive Skills:


Stacks set of graduated objects from smallest to largest.
2. Understands sequence of daily events (first we get up, get dressed, eat breakfast).      
3. Understands concepts of size--big, bigger, biggest.      
4. Recognizes own name printed.      
5. Knows difference between printed letters and numbers.      
6. Counts by rote to 20.      
7. Counts out or gives 5 objects upon request.      
8. Prints some letters of own name.       
9. Knows full name, address, phone number.      
10. Completes 8-10 piece puzzle independently.       
Social / Emotional:


Establishes friendships (beginning to have a best friend).
2. Cooperates, participates in group activities.      
3. Shows pride in accomplishment, seeks frequent adult approval.      
4. Speaks spontaneously during all activities.      
5. Answers questions, tends to brag, exaggerates and "bends" the truth.      
6. Enjoys role playing and make believe.      
 7. Apologizes for mistakes.      
8. Answers telephone and summons correct person.      
9. Is independent but will seek help as needed from adults.      
10. Follows schedules and classroom rules.      
Self-Help Skills:


Sets the table for meals.
2. Can be depended upon to stay where told.      
3. Is cautious about crossing the street.      
4. Can go about the neighborhood / building unattended (to restroom, director's office).      
5. Cleans up messy room.      
6. Cleans up toys in class, putting them where they belong.      
7. Pushes chairs under tables.      
8. Independent in toileting needs; flushes, wash and dry hands.      
9. Dries self without assistance after bathing.      
10. Can dress and undress independently.      
Fine and Gross Motor Skills:


Copies simple shapes and letters.
2. Cuts with scissors across a piece of paper.      
3. Builds tower with 10 or more blocks.      
4. Jumps forward and backward.      
5. Skips or gallops fairly well.      
6. Throws a ball forward at least 5 feet.      
7. Kicks a ball forward.      
8. Bounces a playground ball with one hand several times.      
9. Walks on a line placing heel to toe for 6 feet.      
10. Safely walks down stairs holding an object without holding a rail.      
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