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Skill Checklist for Children
4.0 - 4.6 years
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The following developmental skill checklist is to be used by teachers as a guide and is not intended to be a substitution for standardized screenings.
This skill checklist can help teachers:
  • Identify preschool children's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Record children's developmental progress.
  • Individualize activities and lesson plans.
  • Create a child profile.

Preschool Skill Checklist
Children Ages 4.0 - 4.6 Years

Child's Name:_________________


Date Completed:_______________

Name of Person Completing Completing Checklist:______________________________________________

Directions:  For each item, place a check in the appropriate column



Follows three step unrelated directions.
2. Understands prepositions--in, on, in front, behind.      
3. Receptively identifies red, black, yellow, blue.      
4. Responds to "wh" questions--who, what, where, when, why.      
5. Recites and sings simple songs and rhymes.      
6. Articulates clearly, speech is 90% intelligible.      
7. Average length of sentence or response is 5 words.      
8. Knows what words sound the same or different  (light-right).      
9. Names colors--red, black, yellow and blue.      
10. Asks "wh" questions--who, what, where, when, why.      
Cognitive Skills:


Names circle, square and triangle.
2. Attends to task for 10 minutes.      
3. Knows name of city and street address.      
4. Points to chest, ankle, jaw.      
5. Counts 2 items or gives 2 items upon request.      
6. Categorizes objects (dog is an animal, airplane is a thing we ride).      
7. Recognizes first name in print.      
8. Recognizes labels (i.e. McDonalds, Power Rangers).      
9. Looks at books and listens to stories showing comprehension.       
10. Counts by rote to 15.      
Social / Emotional:


Names favorite television shows. 
2. Follows rules without being reminded.      
3. Shows concern or sympathy towards others.      
4. Is aware of good and bad behavior.      
5. Tries new games, tasks easily.      
6. Takes turns with peers without adult supervision.      
7. Plays with toys independently and appropriately.      
8. Speaks spontaneously during all activities.      
9. Answers telephone and summons correct person.      
10. Waits turn in games.      
Self-Help Skills:


Is cautious crossing street.
2. Undresses self independently.      
3. Pulls shirt over head independently.      
4. Buttons, zips, snaps independently.      
5. Washes hands and face independently.       
6. Brushes teeth independently.       
7. Pours from a small pitcher.      
8. Indicates likes and dislikes of food.      
9. Wipes self thoroughly after toileting.      
10. Willingly assists with classroom chores.       
Fine and Gross Motor Skills:


Stands on right foot for 4 seconds.
2. Copies horizontal and vertical lines.      
3. Walks downstairs alternating feet.      
4. Stands on left foot for 4 seconds.      
5. Stacks 12 or more one inch blocks.      
6. Copies an "X"      
7. Throws a ball overhand.      
8. Draws a man with at least 3 parts.      
9. Pedals and steers a tricycle.      
10. Spreads with a knife (i.e. peanut butter on cracker).      
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