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All About Me
Earlene B. gets parents involved during this preschool activity.

Materials: Poster board and letter to parents.

Description: Send home a piece of poster board approximately
12x18 with the title ALL ABOUT ME.  Attach a note to parents to help
their child put together photos pictures of favorite things, etc. on it to
share with class.  Children love to show off their posters.  If you get
parents permission, you can have it laminated.  We display these outside
our room in  the hall for Open House night.

Comments: Parents love this keepsake and  I have had parents with more
than one child in the center ask if we are going to do this again.

Literacy: "All About Me Book"
Diane C. offers this early childhood activity saying, "As a welcome to school activity, the children will create books all about  themselves, their families, and their friends. This gets the children acquainted  with each other and points out our similarities and differences and that we are all unique.

Materials: Crayons, paint, glue, scissors, paper and markers etc.

Description: Have enough booklets pre made for each child plus a few extra.
Introduce the activity at morning circle time by talking about yourself and your
own features.  Have the children then describe themselves.  Begin to compare
similarities and differences that each of you possess and tell children that we are all

At work time have the children begin their books by making pictures of themselves.  This can either be done individually or by working with small groups.  Continue this activity over the next several days in a similar fashion and have the children begin to add drawings of family, friends, special things they like to do, pets, favorite toys. 

The teacher can write down any words the children dictate describing themselves and the pages they have completed.  As they finish, the children can share their stories with the teacher and the class.  This is a great activity to introduce the children to each other.  It also promotes pre writing skills, language skills, as well as creative
representation.  These books can be laminated and placed in the classroom for all to  see and share.  This is also a good activity to place in the child's anecdotal folder for comparison later in the year.

Comments: Parents especially enjoy seeing how the children view themselves and
their surroundings.  I have also used this for the very shy child to help him or her 
start interacting with other children.  I do this by having them in groups of 3-5 and working together to do an "All About School" book later in the year.

Picture books about Me & My Family are in Picture Books Listed by Theme

Circle Time Song
Ann introduces and acknowledges each child during circle time.

 Description: Children sit in circle and sing (chant)

 Around and Around
 Around and around is the name of the game
  (circle hands over each other)
 Around and around and what's your name?
  (smile at or point to child)
 "-----" (child says his/her name)
 We have a friend who's name is "----"
   (all clap hands)
 Stand up"---", "Sit down"---" 
   (child follows directions)
 Because You're our friend!! 
Repeat until all children are named.  Including the teacher (we have a teacher who's name is...).   Encourage children to participate. if they don't want to participate, still acknowledge the child with the song and a smile.

Comments: Children really enjoy singing and standing when it is their turn.  It is a good way for them to learn their classmates names. And for younger ones to learn their names, early on the younger ones will answer "Me" when you ask them their names but are very proud when they catch on.

For songs, fingerplays and poems go to the Preschool Rainbow Rhyme Collection

Birthday Candle Hats
Make birthday candle hats for youngsters with this activity by Barb K.

Materials: Paper for the candle, thicker paper for the band.

Description: Cut out a candle and write the age of the child on it.  Make a band to fit the child's head.  Put the candle on the band and let them wear it.

Comments: Children feel very special on their birthdays wearing these hats.

Take a look at the Birthday Activity Theme

The Birthday Tree
Andi M. contributes this activity saying, "The objective of this activity is to have  preschoolers recognize their name and learn their birthday from the rest of their friends."

Materials: Green poster board, different colored construction paper, clear contact paper and adhesive hooks.

Description: This is a fun activity for the children, that's used during  circle
time. First cut out your tree from green poster board using as much of the poster
as possible. Then place the adhesive hooks at least 2 inches apart so that their
names will show once they are prepared.

To make the tree trunk, you can use a couple of brown construction papers  and use your creative drawing to make it look like it has a squirrels den. You can staple or tape this against the wall. Then make your apples. One for each child. Make sure their names are clearly written with large letters, and below that, in smaller letters, write the month and day of their birthday. The year is not necessary.

Each month I like to change the apples to whatever theme I am working with. For example, In April, I make flowers and umbrellas for spring showers. Another example: Our theme for this summer is Creatures under the sea,  so I cut out different kinds of animated ocean life and placed them on the tree.

It's funny to the children to see fish on the tree but it catches their attention and they are happy to have something different every month.

Counting as We Grow
This preschool education activity encourages children to count and compare heights while developing self awareness.

You will need:  Craft paper, markers, tape, and a 12" ruler

Using the ruler teachers mark the craft paper in feet: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Place/mount the measured craft paper on a wall.  Ask children to stand
with their heels against the paper, and mark the place where the tops of
their heads come.  Then make a line and write the child's name on it.

It's fun for the children to compare heights, who is the shortest and the tallest?  Tell them how many feet they are.

For more activities about counting peek at the Numbers & Counting Theme

Growing Up 
This early childhood education activity encourages self-awareness and is particularly
good to try when preschool children are experiencing the birth of a sibling.

Ask pre-k children and parents to bring in an article of clothing such as a shirt or blouse or jacket etc. that the preschoolers wore last year and that is now too small for them.  Take pictures of the children wearing the clothing.  Encourage youngsters to discuss how much they have grown during the last year and how they feel in their "too small" clothes. 

Create and display an experience chart with the pictures and the children's words
describing how they feel about growing bigger and how big they would like to become. During story time read  Peter's Chair  by Era Jack Keats 

What I Eat for Breakfast 
Janie J. promotes self awareness plus the use of fine motor and language skills with
this early childhood activity. 

Materials: Paper plates, magazines, glue, and children's scissors. 

Description: Let the children cut pictures of food suitable for breakfast, lunch or
supper out of magazines and glue onto the paper plates.  Talk with them about the
different foods they prefer and why certain foods help their bodies grow strong. 

Comments: You would be surprised at some of the food they choose. 

There are lots of recipes in the Food & Nutrition Theme.

Teddy Helpers
Promote helping and make each child feel special with this early childhood lesson plan by Paulette W.

Materials: Paper and yarn for hearts and perhaps contac paper to cover
them with.

Description: Each child has a paper heart necklace with his or her name
on it, hung around a teddy bear. Each day a person is selected to be
"teddy helper". That child passes out food for meals, cleans up after meals,
gets to eat out of special dinnerware, gets to be leader to the playground,
and gets to swing first. 

For more teddy bear activities take a look at the entire Teddy Bear Theme

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