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Preschool Facility Checklist: Self Inspection
This checklist is intended to be used as a guide for reflection concerning the safety of environments for preschool children. Not all questions will apply to all facilities, but they are included for your consideration and to stimulate thought. Always check with your local health department for specific regulations.
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Preschool Facility Checklist
Name of Person Completing Checklist:____________________________


Directions:  For each item, place a check in the appropriate column Yes No
A. Permits  &   Certificates    
1. Is there a Health  Department  Permit  /  Certificate posted?    
2. Is the Certificate of  Occupancy posted?    
3. Is there a Fire  Department  Approval?    
4. Are Fire Evacuation Plans / Drawings posted?    
5. Are 'No  Smoking Signs posted?    
B Physical Facility    
6. Are walls, floors, ceiling, tiles and vents well maintained?    
7. Is adequate Light  (30 ft. candles) available in all classrooms during operating hours?    
8. Are there approved Fire Exit doors  (with panic hardware)?    
9. Are there clear and Legible  EXIT and EXIT directional signs (lit where applicable)?    
10. No over crowing, exit doors are easy to open and not obstructed.    
11. Do stairways have child's handrails?    
12. Are window, radiator, electric outlets and freestanding columns guarded (covered)?    
13. Do you know that Gas, Electric and Kerosene space heaters are  PROHIBITED?    
14. Are all utility closet doors designated with 'signs' of their use?    
15. Are cubbies and storage spaces provided for each classroom?    
16. Do Fire Extinguishers have Current  (6 months) inspection Tags?    
17. Dogs, Cats and Turtles are PROHIBITED and other animals must be approved.    
18. Are all safety hazards removed (Lead, Asbestos, Peeling paint, windows without guards and other toxic materials)?    
19. Are room temperatures maintained for winter as well as for summer months?    
C Bathrooms  and Toilet  Facilities    
20. Is there One Toilet bowl and One sink for each group of 15 children?    
21. Separate toilets for children and Staff. Changing Table with sink for Infants / Toddlers    
22. Are hand washing sign posted over all sinks?    
23. Is the hot water temperature 95°  to 115° F?    
24. Are soap, toilet paper and paper towels provided?    
25. Are child's size toilet bowls and sinks provided.
Elevation for toilet bowl = 10-12inches, Sink = 22-24 ins.
26. Is adequate light (10 ft. candles) provided in bathrooms?    
27. Are all faucets, Flush-o-meters and Floor drains in operating condition?    
D Kitchen / Food  Preparation  Area    
28. Do food handlers have Food Protection Certificates?    
29. Are walls, floors and ceilings maintained?    
30. Is there evidence of Vermin, Roaches, mice or mice droppings?    
31. Is garbage in metal containers and garbage disposals well maintained?    
32. Are ventilation hoods, filters, exhausts and fans clean and well maintained?    
33. Are Pest Control practices / Extermination log maintained?    
34,  Is the dishwasher temperature for Wash & Rinse cycle adequate and maintained?    
35. Is there a thermometer provided inside the refrigerator (max. 45°F)?    
36. Single service disposable utensils are NOT reused?    
37. Are food preparation areas clean and sanitized?    
38. Is hot food stored HOT and cold food stored COLD (from sources & in transport)?    
39. Are all material and foods stored OFF the floor (6-12 inches)?    
40. Are hand washing signs posted over sinks?    
41. Is the floor drain in the kitchen clean and functioning?    
42. Are rodent proof containers provided for dry food?    
43. Do food handlers use disposable plastic hand gloves when preparing food?    
44. Are cooked and uncooked foods stored separately?    
45. Are Milk and other dairy products with expired use dates discarded?    
46. Are all food preparatory utensils and equipment clean and well maintained?    
47. Are shields provided over light bulbs in the kitchen and indoor play area?     
48. Are 'NO SMOKING' signs posted?     
E Basement  &  Cellar    
49. Are  there 2 means of egress / exit (fire escapes are not included)?    
50. Are walls, floors and ceiling maintained?    
51. Is the exit light and door hardware (panic) maintained?     
52. Plumbing and Pipes: NO cross connections and hose extension to faucet.    
53. Is there evidence of Vermin, Roaches, Flies, Rats / mice and other insects?    
54. Are ventilation and exhaust system and air filters maintained?    
55. Is there evidence of degraded wall plaster, peeling paint and water leaks?    
56. Is the height of ceiling, drainpipes maintained?    
57. Is adequate lighting provided throughout the area?    
F Outdoor  /  Indoor  Play  Area    
58. Playground surface: Resilient rubber mats under and around play equipment.    
59. Is the play equipment in optimal functioning condition?    
60. Is the fence of appropriate height surrounding outdoor play area?    
61. Is there a shady area and a water fountain provided?    
62. Is the play area easily accessible, clean and safe?    
63. Is adequate supervision provided?    
64. Are all standing columns, pipes and mechanical equipment enclosed?    
65. Are there 2 means of egress?    
66. Is there a storage room / area for play equipment available?     
67 Are all appropriate safety warning signs posted?    
68. Supply Other Items Specific to Your Facility    

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