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Here you'll find ideas for dramatic presentations that can be adapted or used for preschool graduation or 'Moving On' celebrations. Show parents, family members and friends what preschoolers have learned throughout the year as youngsters perform simple skits that you create using these ideas. You won't find plays here, just ideas for skits.

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Ideas for Graduation & Dramatic Presentations

Literacy Graduation Skit: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Diane offers an idea for a butterfly prop that can be used during a simple literacy 

Materials: Book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle,
poster board, markers & elastic.

Description: Cut big butterfly wings out of the poster board.  Have each child 
decorate them as they want, either paint, markers or both.  Glitter glue is fun 
too.  Attach elastic, for the children's arms, on the poster board. I also have the children color the food which the caterpillar eats and we hold the food up during the play.

During graduation the teacher reads the hungry caterpillar book and the children 
act as the caterpillars.  They say the lines,  "But I'm still hungry" and pretend to eat. The children also say the lines, "I have a stomach ache",  and "I feel much better".  As the children make their cocoons I go around and put the wings on each child and they rise up saying that they are beautiful butterflies then fly around the stage.  It is adorable when done with 3 and 4 year olds.

Easy Graduation Hats
Here is a quick and easy creative idea for graduation caps from Dee.

Materials: Styrofoam bowls (they are easier to cut the lip off of than plastic),
poster board, yellow yarn, crayons, paint, stickers, etc.

Description: Cut the lip off the styrofoam bowl so that it fits the child's head 
better.  Cut out squares of poster board to attach to the top.  Children can decorate the squares with crayons, paint, stickers, etc.  Use the yellow yarn to make tassels by looping yarn together and cutting one end.  Next, attach a long piece of yarn to the tassel. Push the yarn through the poster board and attach both to center of the hat. A graduation hat that parents love!

Hint: There are more graduation hat ideas in this theme.

Graduation Alternative
Sharon shares this enjoyable plan for a stress free graduation day. 

Materials: Preschool class, parents, grandparents and siblings, food, drinks, face paint, diplomas, cameras, piñata, presents, good weather and a teacher.

Description: Instead of a formal graduation my three preschool classes, parents 
etc. go to the local park /playground for the morning of the last day of school. 
We play in the playground, pet the animals, do face painting and have a scavenger hunt. We then have a pot luck lunch provided by the parents. After this we hand out diplomas with lots of picture opportunities. The grand finale is the breaking of the piñata, handing out of gifts, and alot of good-bye hugs . Plan a rain date!

United States FlagPlanning for A Patriotic Graduation 
Lena S. offers her plan for a special graduation ceremony.

Materials: Red, white and blue graduation caps small flags for children to carry,
A single flower for each child to give to a parent. Video. Decorations in red, white and blue using a patriotic theme (balloons are nice).

Description: Classes will march in to Pomp and Circumstance starting with the 
 youngest and the graduates coming in last. All carry small American flags. The program consists of songs and little plays that the children have done
 throughout the year.

As each graduate comes forward to receive his or her diploma the director says something positive and light hearted about the child. At this time the child is given a flower which he or she now gives to their parent.

Before the program begins and during refreshment time a video will be playing
showing all students in the school and featuring the graduates in close-up interviews.

Comments: They will also say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing 
My Country 'Tis of Thee before they begin their regular program.

Graduation Hat    Cooking Idea for Graduation Parties
Jennifer shares this cooking idea that resembles a graduation cap. 

Small chocolate covered graham cracker (1 each child)
1 mini reese peanut butter cup per child
Fruit by the foot
Tube icing

Description: Adults cut the fruit by the foot into 2 ½ inch strips, then slice them into thinner strips and fringe the bottom. Place a little icing on the bottom of the 
peanut butter cup (flat side). Then place it on the bottom of the cracker
(to resemble a graduation cap). Next, use a dab of icing on the top of the cracker to attach the thin, fringed strip to the top to resemble the tassel. It sounds more 
complicated than it really is. 

Comments: It was for my three year old's graduation. There were so many compliments!  It is sure to be a hit at your party. Remember to check for peanut allergies.

Puppet Show: "I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly" 
This idea for a fun graduation play comes from Amy S. You'll find the words to the nursery rhyme further down this page.

Materials: Paper bags, one for each child, patterns of the animals; fly, spider, bird, cat, dog, cow and horse.  I made my own. Construction paper, or felt for the animals
and wiggly eyes .

Description: Design your animal the way that you would like it to look.  Make 
all the parts (I just made the heads):  head, nose, spots, ears, tongues, mouth etc. 
Designate one animal per child and have them glue on the pieces and then glue 
the head on the sack. Children can now use the puppets to dramatize the nursery rhyme.

graduation ideaFun Nursery Rhyme Idea
Adaptable for Graduation Presentations!
Kelli D. adapts a traditional rhyme for teaching toddlers.  If you want to find more ideas for "There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly" just look at the next idea.

Materials: Box, marker, clear contact paper, duct tape, pictures (coloring book), or draw them yourself.

Description: My activity is to take a box and on one side draw a picture as best  as you can of an old lady's face (really big), with a big big mouth.  I then cut out her mouth and duct tape the box shut. You will need all the pictures from the rhyme.  I found the pictures in coloring books. I colored them and cut them out and covered them with contact paper. 

You  will need a fly, spider, bird, cat, dog, goat, cow, horse.  I couldn't find a fly or spider so I made those myself.  Even if they don't look that great the kids still love doing this.  I pass out the pictures and as we sing the song the kids listen for their animal or bug and put it in the little old lady's mouth. Then after they reach in her mouth to pull them out to do it again. When were done we store the pieces in her mouth inside the box.

Language Activity & Graduation Presentation
 "The Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly"
Preschool children have fun anticipating what comes next, and develop memory and sequencing skills while learning this classic humorous rhyme / story.

You will need: Picture cards and the rhyme below.

This rhyme / story consists of a series of absurd situations that are repeated and become longer and longer.  To help young children remember the "backward sequence" teachers (in advance) can put the animal pictures on cards to be held up in order of the animals "appearance".

There was an old woman who swallowed a fly,
I don't know why she swallowed a fly,
Perhaps she'll die.
I know an old woman who swallowed a spider,
That wiggled, and jiggled, and tickled inside her,
She swallowed the spider to catch the fly.
I don't know shy she swallowed the fly.
Perhaps she'll die.
(End each verse with "I don't know why she swallowed the fly.  Perhaps she'll die)
I know an old woman who swallowed a bird.
Wasn't that absurd!  She swallowed a bird!
She swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
That wiggled and jiggled and tickled inside her.
She swallowed the spider to catch the fly.
I don't know shy she swallowed the fly.
Perhaps she'll die.

I know an old woman who swallowed at cat.
Imagine that!  She swallowed a cat!
She swallowed the cat to catch the bird, 
She swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
That wiggled and jiggled and tickled inside her.
She swallowed the spider to catch the fly,
I don't know why she swallowed the fly.
Perhaps she'll die.

I know an old woman who swallowed a dog. 
Wasn't she a hog?  She swallowed a dog!  etc.

I know an old woman who swallowed a goat.
Just opened her throat, and swallowed the goat, etc.
Last verse:
I know an old woman who swallowed a horse.
(speak expressively)  She's dead!  Of course.

Extensions:  After preschool children know the rhyme, they can role play the animals complete with sounds and actions.  Thus developing, with the help of their teachers, a dramatic presentation.

Creative Dramatics: Acting out "The Three Little Pigs"
Preschoolers participate in art and acting activities when this idea  by Carol C. is used to develop a graduation presentation.

Materials: 3 large cardboard boxes, paper plates, pink and brown paint, pink and brown construction paper also craft sticks.

Description: Together have the children paint boxes yellow (straw), brown (sticks), and red (brick) to represent the Three Little Pigs houses. Have each child choose to be a pig or the wolf,  Paint the paper plate pink or brown.  Have the children cut out triangle ears and a snout or a big nose for wolf and glue onto the paper plate.  Cut out eyes for children to see through.  Tape a craft stick to the back of the plate.  Have the children act out the story of The Three Little Pigs.

Comments: This is a very successful activity.  Even the shyest child will love 
to participate.

graduation gownsGraduation Gowns Idea
Youngsters can help create their own "graduation gowns" with this economical idea by Marcy M.

Materials: Old T-shirts of adult, T-shirt dye or fabric paint.

Description: Paint or dye the T-shirt.  Allow to dry.  Then have the children 
cut a straight line up the front of the shirt.  Maybe incorporate some type of clasp at the neckline to keep it securely in place (don't want it falling off the children's shoulders).

Comments: Makes it more special that the children made the attire.  Especially after having taken End-of-the Year Pictures in a real cap and gown!

Graducation hatGraduation Caps Idea
Another idea from Marcy M. that encourages preschoolers creativity.

Materials: Sentence strips, construction paper, paint and brushes, stapler and tape.

Description: Measure the child's head and staple the sentence strip so that it will fit correctly.  The tape is to cover the ends of the staples so that they do not scratch the children's heads.  Allow children to decorate the "headband"  with paint and / or various other materials.  Cut slots into the "top" of the band so that you can staple the desired piece of construction paper to the top.

Comments: Great prop for graduation ceremonies and the parents will love it!
graduation tasselsGraduation Tassels Idea
What would the graduation caps (above) be without these tassels
by Marcy M.? Complete your noncommercial graduation with these creations.

Materials: Yarn of various colors and scissors.

Description: Have children cut yarn (of choice) at an appropriate length to fold over and knot.  Add one additional piece to loop through the previous bunch and this is used to attach to the graduation cap.

Comments: Great addition to graduation caps and very realistic!

Graduation Photo
Teachers create a display of pictures to celebrate each child's graduation during this Teacher Activity by Donna M.

Materials: Colored popsicle sticks, hot glue gun, photo of child, alphabet  stickers and brand new crayola crayons.

Description: I took eight sticks and positioned them to make a picture frame.  I then took a photo of each child in their graduation gowns.  I pasted the picture to the frame and added one more stick to the back so that it would stand on its own.  I then hot glued a brand new crayon on one side and on the other I used the stickers to spell out their name.

Comments: It just added to all the other nice things we used as a graduation  display.

graduation book  Literacy:  Graduation Books
Donna M. thinks ahead as she teaches preschool children about authors and illustrators.

Materials: Poster board, binding materials, blank paper, and a photo of every child in the class.

Description: Around April, I make my children authors and illustrators of  their own books and put them on display for graduation. The children are given 10 pieces of blank paper (1/2 of an 8 by 11 sheet).  They decide what the title of the book is to be, then draw pictures on the blank sheets.  I then take each child, one at a time, and write everything they said about their pictures.  We dedicate their books and on the poster board (cut to size) draw a picture for the cover.  On the back piece of the poster we paste the child's photo and tell about the author.

Comments: Parents were amazed to see their children with published books. We also made our own publishing name and made labels to put on our books.

Graduation Video
Donna M. contributes this idea for teachers to show how the children in the graduating class have changed from birth to preschool.

Materials: Baby picture of each child, individual picture of each child  participating in some activity, other photos of the children together and music to go along with the pictures.

Description: We took all of the photos of the children to a local video  recording place.  We had arranged all the photos from their birth photo to  their individual pictures, then we added all of the others.  We played "Jesus Loves Me" while their baby picture faded in with their individual picture.  We then chose a song that was appropriate for the other  photos.  At the end of the video we listed the graduates and their teachers as the credits.  At the end of that, we had a room full of crying parents!

Comments: This was a nice way for parents to remember their child's preschool years!

Graduation Memories
Donna M. promotes self esteem during this graduation activity.

Materials: A sheet for each child graduating with questions and answers about each child.  It is then displayed for all to read.

Description: Label the sheet All About Me.  List questions that would give information about each child so that everyone would be able to read all about each child.  For example:  What is your favorite food?  Who is your best friend?  What is your favorite color? And so on.
Comments: Parents really loved to read  all about the other children in the 

Graduation programRecognizing Each Class at the End of the Year
Marcia F. offers suggestions for graduation activities that puts closure on the school year.

Materials: Preparation with some songs.

Description: Each class, the 2's, 3's and 4's, invite parents to a program the last week of the school year.
The two year old children's activity is to add pictures of a circle of 
friends.  Each child gets copied photographs of every child in the class and glues a picture on each face.  No formal program. 
The three year old class prepares repertoire of songs which they have learned throughout the year.  They sit in a semi-circle with parents in the audience
and sing as a group.
The four year olds have a  "formal graduation."

graduation songGraduation Song
 Jessica B. says, "This is a song we use for graduation ceremonies that is easy to learn and put hand motions to.  The kids and parents both really love it." 
Jessica didn't include the tune, so if you recognize the song please e-mail
the tune or the name of the record and include your name and e-mail address.

 Of all the things that we had to learn at school,
 Don't hurt each other and clean up your mess.
 Take a nap every day, wash before you eat,
 Hold hands stick together, look before you cross the street.
 And remember the seed in the little paper cup,
 First the roots grow down and then the plants grow up!
To coincide with this, we send home seedlings that the children planted earlier in decorated paper cups.  Big hit!
Hint: For ideas about planting take a look at the Plant Theme

graduation musicPre-k Graduation
Donna A. offers this musical addition for a graduation ceremony.

 Materials: Sun glasses, song from the Brady Bunch ($9,99 at

Description: This year we are having a theme based on Sun Shine. After the
graduation march we all stand up by our seats. The children turn around, put on their black sun glasses and sing the song Sun Shine Day.

I think I'll go for a walk outside now.
The Summer sun is calling my name,
I hear you now, I just can't get inside all day,
I gotta get out and get me some of those rays.
Everybody singing Sunshine Day,
Everybody laughing Sunshine Day.
Everybody seems so happy today.
It's a Sunshine Day!!!
Comments: The song is by the Brady Bunch. You can buy it at for about $9.99 plus shipping.  We have been practicing and it seems soooo cool!!

book  Literacy: Acting Out A Story We Read
Joni F. shares this wonderful example of using literature for a dramatic presentation. Children use imagination, memory and acting skills as they take turns acting out the characters in a classic children's story. Adapt this idea to any good story and present it during your graduation ceremony.

Materials: Book: Little Red Riding Hood, scrap fabric for costumes, however you can use construction paper if you don't have access to material (my former job was a designer and I have a lot of scrap material).
I made: wolf hood, red cape, apron (for mother), hat and shawl for the grandmother, hat for the woodsman, an old basket for riding hood to carry goodies.

Description: We first read the story several times (book of the week)  then I  put all the children's names in a bag and for each character we pulled a name out of the bag. Since all the girls wanted to be riding hood this was the only fair way, We then acted out the story we read. The teacher being the narrator. They acted out over and over again, never getting tired of it. By the end of the week they knew the lines by heart. On the last day of the week I put real goodies in her basket and passed them out at the end. 

Comments: For the children who do not want to act, they can stand and be trees in forest.

Two Literacy and Dramatic Play Activities
"The Three Bears Prop Box"
Encourage dramatic play by giving children props to act out this preschool classic story just the way Shari D. does.

Materials: Bear ears, teachers can attach felt ears to underwear elastic to create the ears, wigs, dresses, aprons, pants, shirts, jackets and 3 different sizes of bowls, spoons and chairs. Blocks to create 3 different sizes of beds.

Description: Read the story of The Three Bears.  Encourage the children to use the above listed props to act out the story in the housekeeping area.
Comments: You can also provide flannel board pieces for this story and have the children tell their own version into a tape player or out loud to each other.

 "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"
Pam H. promotes self confidence, reading appreciation and dramatic play with this preschool curriculum lesson plan.

Big Book or Small Book:  Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
Signs made into necklaces to represent each story character for example: Write  Goldilocks onto the paper and draw a picture of the girl, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear write names and draw their picture.
3 Bowls (small, medium and large with plastic spoon for each)
3 Chairs (small, medium and large--be creative with what you have in your classroom)
3 Beds (Again, be creative, I use towels and make them the sizes needed).

Description: First, I read the story to the children.  As I read the story, they help me emphasize the lines of each character.  Once the story is finished, I talk to the children about the story and tell them that we are going to have a play in which they will be the stars.  I tell them we need people to play the audience and people to play the characters. 

Second, I describe the roles. Then, I explain to them, that I will be the narrator and I tell them what a narrator does.  I then talk about the props and rehearse with them for example:  These are the 3 chairs what did Papa Bear Say? Mama? Baby?. 

Once we have rehearsed, the show begins. The characters get into positions and I begin to read.  When the character has a part to say, the children have heard the story and rehearsed the part, so, they have no problem remembering what to say.  You will be absolutely amazed.  The children will imitate their voices and act out their part using their own creativity.  Even the audience gives their full attention. I always see smiles and hear laughter.

After the play is over, I offer other members in the audience an opportunity to participate and we do it over again.  I then, place the props into the housekeeping area so others can perform.  They absolutely love it.  What is even more special, is that they  create their own Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story. 

Comments: Teachers can ask children to draw pictures of what Goldilocks did when she left the house of the Three Bears and create a big book with a catchy title like, "Goldilocks Went Home And..."
Gayle's Hint: These two activities makes wonderful presentations for Parent's Night, Graduations , special occasions etc.

graduation ideaGraduation Presentation Idea
Lisa G. shares this preschool and kindergarten musical demonstration of what young children learn throughout the year.

Materials: The Kindergarten Wall  by John McCutcheon

Description: In my class, we always learn this song and sing it for our
parents, and for the other, younger classes, and teachers who have taught us in past years.  The song is called The Kindergarten Wall  by John McCutcheon. 
You can hear the tune on the following cassette or CD:

John McCutcheon:  Mail Myself to You 
Audio CD (January 31, 1989)
(Rounder Records; ASIN: B0000003FG) 
Other Editions: Audio Cassette
It may be available at your library.  An audio segment may be available for listening on or an MP3 site.  The words are perfect:

The Kindergarten Wall 
By John McCutcheon

 When I was a little kid not so long ago,
 I had to learn a lot of stuff I didn't even know.
 How to dress myself, tie my shoes,  how to jump a rope,
 How to smile for a picture without looking like a dope.
 But of all the things I learned my favorite of them all
 Was a little poem hanging on the kindergarten wall.

         Of all that you learn here, remember this the best:
         Don't hurt each other and clean up your mess!
         Take a nap every day.  Wash before you eat.
         Hold  hands.  Stick together.  Look before you cross the   street.
         Remember the seed in the little paper cup:
         First the root goes down and then the plant  grows up! 

Believe, it worth going to some trouble to locate the song.  Great tune, the kids love it, and it always brings a tear to the eye of parents and teachers.

graduation ideaFun Circle Time Rhyme Idea
Adaptable for Graduation Presentations!
This preschool activity by Kelli D. can be used with  young children ages 1.5 to 5 years old and makes a nice graduation presentation. 

Materials: Picture of monkey and popsicle sticks.

Description: I found a picture of a monkey in a coloring book and made enough photo copies for each child to have 5 monkeys.  It was a pretty small picture so I photo copied it once then took the original and put them together and photo copied it again. Now I have 2 monkeys on one piece of paper.  I took the original again and place it on this one and photo copied it again.  Now I have 3.  I did this till I had 5 monkeys on one page. 

Once I had 5 on a page, I made enough photo copies of this page for each child and one extra just in case.  I have saved this page so when we do this in later years I have this to use. I then had the children color the monkeys and put there initials on the back of each monkey. 

Next, I cut the monkeys out and then taped them to the popsicle sticks. Each of the kids took 5 monkeys and held them in one hand and we started the rhyme
5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed
(as we say this part we move the monkeys up and down like they're jumping on a bed)

One fell off (then we throw down one monkey into the middle of the table)

And bumped his head.
Momma called the doctor (move your hand like your dialing the phone)

And the doctor said,  "No more monkeys jumping on the bed". 
(I then shake my index finger like I'm scolding the monkeys)

Continue till all the monkeys are done.

You  may want to use other Fingerplays, Action Poems, Nursery Rhymes and Songs for your graduation or skit.

graduation fingerplay ideaFlower Fingerplay
Lisa F. shares this easy color and counting fingerplay that can be adapted for a dramatic presentation. 

Materials: Paper and pennies.

Description: Make 5 different colors of paper flower to put on your finger and give each child a penny.

 5 pretty flowers in a flower store 
 5 pretty flowers who are they for
 Along comes (child's name) with a penny to pay 
 Buys a (color) one and goes away!

 Keep doing this until you have no more flowers left and than say:

 No pretty flowers in a flower store 
 No pretty flowers to buy anymore

Fingerplay: 5 Little Puppies
Adaptable for Graduation Presentations!
Tammy B. offers a new twist on an old favorite. 

Materials: Words to fingerplay, idea is from "5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed".

 Five Little puppies rolling on the bed.
One fell off and hurt his tail. (bend one finger)
Mama called the vet and the vet said,
No more puppies rolling on the bed.
Continue with;
Four little puppies - hurt ear
Three little puppies - hurt paw
Two little puppies -hurt leg
One little puppy - hurt nose

graduation ideasRole Playing Songs
Adaptable for Graduation Presentations!
Preschool and kindergarten children become involved in their learning process with these activities from Lori Ann. 

Materials: Songs and Children

Description: I am a children's librarian and a former preschool teacher and I use a lot of music in my different activities!  My students enjoy using props and themselves to act out songs. 

  3 of our favorites are:
  Five Green and Speckled Frogs
  Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
  Five Little Ducks

We usually sing the song(s) once and then we become the frogs, ducks or monkeys!

With the frog song --- we take five students and make them the
frogs.  We have a line that they sit on like a frog on a log, then we lay a blanket before them (that is their pool).  Then I stand behind them and we begin to sing: 

"Five green and speckled frogs, sat on a speckled log eating 
 a most delicious bug (frogs rub their tummies) Yum! Yum!"
Then when we sing "one jumped in the pool where it was nice and cool" I lightly tap one of my frogs on the head and they jump into the pool (onto the blanket).  We go through our five frogs and   then  give five more frogs a chance.

With the duck song ---- five students line up behind the Mother duck and we sing,

"Five little ducks went out one day, over the hills and far a way and the Mother duck called "QUACK, QUACK, QUACK, QUACK!!!!, But only four little ducks come back".
The last duck in line goes and sits down.
Then we go through all of the little ducks until finally....
"Sad mother duck, went out one day, over the hills and far away, and the sad mother duck said, "QUACK, QUACK, QUACK, QUACK!!!!"  And all of the five little ducks came back.  Then all the ducks come running back!

You can always add more ducks if you want to get through this activity quicker!

We do something similar with Monkeys Jumping On The Bed.  The students love becoming very actively involved! We all have a great time with these songs.

To reinforce the songs, you can also use Eileen Christelow's book "Five Little Monkey's Jumping on the Bed"  and Raffi's Read to Sing Book, "Five Little Ducks".  Before long you have non-readers reading the song books.

Lots of rhymes about animals are in Nursery Rhymes About Animals

Costume Idea: Dinosaur Tails
Michelle shares a creative dinosaur activity that results in a costume for kindergarten children's dramatic presentations. 

 Materials: 1 leg of a stocking
 A3 sized paper
 Lead pencil
 Old ties or string

Description: Children take the stocking and stuff it with newspaper.  Then children fold A3 paper in half length ways.
Next, children draw a zig-zag pattern on the open end of the folded paper with a pencil.  Children cut the pattern out with scissors (ensuring both sides are cut at the same time).

Wrap the zig-zag paper around the tail with the pattern facing up.
Staple into place.  Add string to top end of stocking and tie in place leaving enough over hang on each side to tie around children's waists.  Tie around children's waists and pretend to be dinosaurs!

Scenery: Create A Dinosaur
During this early childhood activity by Linda M. children use fine motor and representational skills to create their own dinosaurs which can be uses for a dramatic presentation.

Materials: Butcher block paper, markers and crayons.

Description: Teachers give each child a large piece of butcher paper and ask them to draw their favorite dinosaur and color or paint it.  Place a second sheet of paper under the first sheet and staple them together loosely, leaving a small opening for stuffing.  Stuff the dinosaur with crumpled newspaper and add legs, horns, 
tails and so on.  Label and display the stuffed dinosaurs for scenery.

Find songs, fingerplay and other ideas that can be adapted for a Dinosaur graduation presentation in the Dinosaur Theme.



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