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Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Preschool Activity Theme for Halloween
Before you leave the Halloween Theme take a peek at
Halloween Safety Tips.

There are 4 black & white printable coloring pages available for this theme. Use your BACK button to return to this page.

  1. Jack-O-Lanterns
  2. Cat Mask Pattern
  3. Lion Mask
  4. Spider

Game: Pin the Nose on the Jack-O-Lantern
Teachers promote spatial awareness, standing in a line, taking turns, and introduce positional words during this Halloween game by Deborah C.

1. One very large jack-o-lantern without a nose, made from orange kraft  paper or felt.
2. For each child: A triangle cut from black construction paper with an inside out  loop of removable tape adhered to the back.
3. A blindfold.

Description: Place the large jack-o-lantern on the wall.  There should be a 
mouth and eyes, but no nose.  Have children line up behind each other.  The 
first child has the blindfold placed over his or her eyes and is turned around in a circle 2-3 times while the rest of the class repeats:

Jack-o-lantern, Jack-o-lantern with no nose, 
(child's name)will show us where it goes.
After placing the blindfolded child directly in front of the jack-o-lantern, 
encourage him or her to place the nose where he/she thinks it belongs.  Teachers may let the children try this by themselves first and then play the game again with the other children using positional words to guide the blindfolded child.

Halloween Puppet Fun!
During October for Halloween or November for Thanksgiving you can try this teacher made talking pumpkin puppet idea from Tammie T.

Materials: An old tennis ball, a sharp knife, orange poster paint, a black marker, 
white glue, scissors and a green pompom.

Description: Teachers, a slit needs to be cut in the bottom half of the tennis ball, this will form the mouth. Next, paint the pumpkin orange and let it dry. Then, use a 
black marker to draw a mouth around the slit and add a pumpkin nose and eyes. 
Glue the green pompom on the top to make the stem. Then, to make your pumpkin talk or sing,  just place a finger on each side of his mouth and squeeze!

halloween songHalloween Song
This action Jack-O-Lantern song is from Kathleen W.

 I am a pumpkin, big and round
 (hands over head in a circle)
 Once upon a time, I grew on the ground.
 (point to ground)
 Now I have a mouth, two eyes, and a nose.
 (point to mouth, eyes, then nose)
 What are they for, do you suppose?
 (point to head, as if thinking)
 With a candle inside, shining bright,
 (hold up index finger)
 I'll be a jack-o-lantern on halloween night!
 (point to self with thumb)
halloween song  Song For Halloween
Even Toddlers will like this circle time song from Tiffany W.

Description:  Tell the kids to tiptoe in the circle area and sing it softly  until the Boo Its Halloween part!

 Boo Its Halloween! 
 (Tune: Pop Goes the Weasel)
Sometimes I like to walk in the dark
I Like to shout and Scream
I sneak up behind somebody I know
Pumpkin Pops
During your Halloween party try this treat from Annessa.

Materials: Tootsie Roll Pop, orange napkin & green curling ribbon.

Description: Wrap an orange napkin around a Tootsie Roll pop.  Tie a length of 
green curling ribbon around the napkin to hold in place.  Set it on the table with the stick pointing up; then use a marker to draw eyes, nose & mouth.

Five Little Monsters
When you combine color recognition with finger puppets and a poem you have a Halloween hit from Annessa.

Materials: Glove and 5  different colors of pompoms.

Description: Glue a pair of wiggle eyes onto each pompom and then glue or velcro them to the glove. You now have "Five Little Monsters"

 Five little monsters sitting on the floor.
 The red one said, "Let's knock on someone's door."
 The green one said, "Let's act a little scary."
 The White one said, "Why are we so hairy?"
 The blue one said, "I hear a funny sound."
 The pink one said, "There's no one else around."
 Then "whoosh" went the wind and "eek" someone said.
 So five little monsters ran under the bed.
Comments: The kids love this!

There's an entire Color Activity Theme

Spooky Hands
Try this Halloween activity by Carole C. after youngsters have the experience
of popping corn.

Materials: Plastic serving gloves, popcorn (popped), candy corn, plastic spider 
ring or a similar ring.

Description: Drop a piece of the candy corn in each glove finger (for fingernails). Then fill the glove with the popcorn, and secure the end with a rubber band. Now add the ring onto one of the "fingers". Cool "spooky hand"!

Take a peek at the theme devoted to Popcorn

Spicy Jack-O-Lantern
Youngsters use their sense of smell when they create these Halloween pumpkins by Julie 

Materials: heavy white paper, orange paint, spices( ground cloves, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice), black construction paper and glue.

Description: Teachers cut a pumpkin shape for each child from heavy paper or have older preschoolers do the cutting. Next, the children paint the pumpkins orange. While the paint is still wet, have them sprinkle spices such as ground cloves, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice over the pumpkins.

Have the children or adult cut geometric shapes from black construction paper and glue them onto the pumpkin shape for facial features. Children now have an Autumn smelling Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween.

Autumn and Halloween
Preschool children will learn the concept of first, next, and last with this hands-on sequencing activity from Julie R.

Materials: Old jeans or pants, button down shirt (men sizes work best), gloves, boots, hat, Jack-O-Lantern head. (I use a plastic jack o lantern bucket) and old newspaper.

Description: After reading The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything a few times, the children will create a scarecrow.  This project is usually done at the end of the week after the children have been introduced to the idea of a  scarecrow and what it is used for.  We then discuss what should come first, next, last and so on.

Tie off the end of the pants and shirt with string or rubber bands.  Stuff the pants and shirt with crumpled up newspaper.  Sit the scarecrow in a chair.  This activity is a lot of fun!  My classes have always enjoyed this one!

More Autumn activities are in the Fall Activity Theme.
halloween ghostCooking: Holiday Treat for Halloweenpreschool halloween ghost
Even first and second grade children will enjoy this "Ghost in the Graveyard" treat from Laurie N. who says, "I got this idea from Better Homes and Gardens magazine."

Materials: 4 oz cups, instant chocolate pudding, milano cookies, black gel frosting, oreo, baggies, milk, and marshmallow fluff.

Directions: "Ghost in the Graveyard Treat"
1. Make pudding, fill each cup (labeled with names)  1/2 way from the top
2. Have children crush up oreos in baggies while waiting for the pudding to chill.
3. Add crushed oreos to pudding with one milano cookie as the grave.
4. Then, give each child (3 at a time) a milano cookie and let them add 1 spoonful of marshmallow fluff, as a ghost. Decorate eyes and mouth with the black frosting as graves.

Lots of cooking ideas are in the Food & Nutrition Theme

Language and Literacy: Halloween Riddles
This flannel board rhyming activity by Mrs. C. is great for older preschool children.

Materials: Enough flannel to make one owl, one trick or treater, one ghost, one black cat, one Jack-O-Lantern, and one moon.

Description: Make flannel board pieces for each character and display them as you say these riddles:

 I hoot and cry, by night I fly.
  I am an __________ (owl).

 I knock on your door for treats from the store.
 I am a _________(trick or treater)

 I'm glimmery white and give you a fright.
 I am a _________ (ghost)

 I have black velvet fur, and when I'm happy I purr.
 I am a ___________ (black cat)

 I have a triangle nose and teeth in rows.
 I am a _______________ (jack-o-lantern)

 I shine so bright on Halloween night.
 I am the ______________ (moon)

jack-o-lanternPumpkin Carving
Science and sequencing skills are the focus of this Halloween lesson plan by Julie.

Materials: One pumpkin for the class and a carving knife.

Description: I talk with my class about pumpkin carving and how they think you should do it.  Write their suggestions down for examination at the end of your project.  We also read books about how pumpkins grow.  If possible take your class to a market or pumpkin patch to pick the pumpkin to carve.  Talk about the shape, size and color of your pumpkin before you carve it.

Cut the top off your pumpkin, have the children look inside the pumpkin.  Let each child scoop out some seeds and examine them.  Talk about the smell and feel of the insides.  I had some children refuse to get their hands dirty and that was fine.  I still included them.

Have the children vote on the kind of face the pumpkin should have.  Vote on a name for the pumpkin.  Discuss first, next, and last with the children.  This is great sequencing skills.  Let the children glue some of their pumpkin "insides" on a pumpkin shape to take home with them.  Save the pumpkin seeds.  Soak them in salt water, spread them on a cookie sheet, sprinkle with spices if desired, then bake at about 350 for 15 or so minutes.  Check often to see if they are of desired crispness.

Comments: The children have great fun!  Sometimes children aren't able to experience this fun part of Halloween.

teacher made pumpkinPumpkin Faces
Fine motor skills develop as preschool and kindergarten use this teacher made pumpkin by Suzi B.

Materials: Orange construction paper to make an 8X10 Pumpkin, a small amount of green construction paper for the stem, a gallon plastic zip bag or laminator and Dry Erase markers.

Description: Cut out an orange pumpkin and place a green stem at top.  Insert the pumpkin into a zip bag or laminate it.  The children may draw pumpkin faces as long as they wish with the dry erase markers.  Use a tissue to wipe off and start again.

jack-o-lanternButton Pumpkins
Preschool children use fine motor skills during this Halloween craft activity by Diana F

Materials: Pumpkin shape from orange construction paper, all different size buttons and glue.

Description: Give each preschooler a pumpkin shape and ask them to glue the buttons on, eyes, nose and mouth. After the glue has dried we decorate our classroom by hanging the pumpkins from the ceiling.

Count Down to Halloween!
The aim of this preschool and kindergarten lesson by Suzann B. is, "To give the children a concrete demonstration of time, and to build the virtue of patience."

Materials: Not too much!  Just a paper chain of orange and black construction paper.

Description: Teachers make a sign that says, "How many days until Halloween?!"  Make a paper chain alternating with black and orange loops. Make 31 loops, one for each day in October.  Then, each day at circle time, have one of the children tear off a loop.  By the end of the month, they will be able to see how time goes by and their excitement will be obvious as only two or three loops are remaining!

Another idea for the same objective is to use a large calendar filled with Halloween pictures on each day.  Have the children draw an X on each day that goes by!  This way they can see the days that have passed and the days that are still remaining!

bulletin board ideaBulletin Board Idea: "Tear Art Pumpkins"
Preschool children use small motor skills in this activity by Debbie N.

Materials: Pumpkins shape cut from white paper, orange and yellow paper scrapes, and glue.

Description: Ask children to tear orange paper into small pieces and glue all over the pumpkin shape.  Next have them tear yellow paper into triangle shapes for the eyes and nose and mouth(except for the teeth).  Voila...a tear art pumpkin!  Great for displaying on boards for a halloween theme.

craft activityPumpkin Pinata
Kathy encourages youngsters to cooperate and work with a different art medium during this craft activity.

Materials: Newspaper, glue, balloon and paint.

Description: Teachers blow up the balloon and tear newspaper into strips. Mix glue with a little water to make it thinner. We take turns dipping strips into the glue and then covering the balloon.
We give ours about 2 - 3 coats. After dry we paint as a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern.  It decorates our room and we use it at our fall party.

Sensorimotor: "Foot Print Ghosts"preschool halloween ghost
This sensorimotor activity for preschool and kindergarten children is suggested by Kerry. A few days before creating the ghosts, send a note home to parents explaining the activity.

Materials: Black construction paper, white paint, and our bare feet.

Description: Place the white paint in shallow pans and have the children take off their shoes and socks.  Dip children's feet into the paint and make prints on the black paper. Have paper towels ready to wipe feet, so they won't slide across the floor. Turn the paper so that the toes are at the bottom, you have a ghost. When
dry have them add eyes and mouths to their ghosts.

Comments: This works well with all ages, I have tried it with 1's to 5's.

Halloween art and craft activity"Trick or Treat" Containers
Teachers help preschool children make sturdy containers for "Trick or Treat" during this early childhood craft activity by Angela B.

Materials: 1 gallon milk jugs (one for each child), orange gloss spray paint, black felt, and spray adhesive.

Description: In advance, clean out milk jugs and cut off tops, leaving the handles intact.  Next, spray paint the outside of the containers with orange gloss spray paint and let dry.  Cut Jack-O-Lantern face parts out of black felt (triangles for eyes and nose, crescent for mouth). Spray the back of each piece with spray adhesive. Help children apply the felt shapes to the milk jug to create a Jack-O-Lantern.

Comment: These are great containers for young trick-or-treaters because they don't have to worry about holding on to it and  opening it to receive their treats. Also, when a child bends over, the treats don't fall out!
Halloween Ghostspreschool halloween ghost
Preschool and kindergarten children use hand eye coordination during this early childhood activity by Chastity.

Materials: Used dryer sheets such as bounce, snuggle, downy etc., rubber bands, black markers and cotton balls.

Description: Take 2 dryer sheets and place the cottonball in the middle. Pull the sheets around the cottonball and attach a rubberband tightly.  Make two eyes from black markers.  If you want you can hang from the back tucking a piece of yarn in the rubberband. These not only look cute but make the room smell great also!

halloween spiderHanging Spiders
Promote preschool children's fine motor skills as they paint and cut during this activity by Amy S.

Materials: Per child - 1 white bag, 1 piece of black yarn, 2 orange Wikki Stix,  black paint, scissors, and old newspapers.

1. Give each  child a paper bag and provide paint.  Have them paint
 the outside of the bag black.  Let dry.

2. Stuff the bag with bits of crumpled newspaper until it is about 1/3 full.  Cut each piece of yarn in half.  Gather the bag together at it's midpoint and tie it closed with a piece of yarn.  Save the remaining piece.

3.  Make spider legs  by cutting from the bottom open edge of the bag towards the midsection.  Make eight legs.

3.  Give each child 2 Wikki Stix.  Help them to cut the Stix into several pieces.  Bend and shape the sections to make facial features for each spider and press them to the painted bag.  No glue is needed!  Tape the remaining piece of yarn to the top of the spider's head and hang it from the ceiling or in a window.

Take a look at  Nursery Rhymes about Insects and Bugs.
There's an entire theme about Creepy Crawlers with lots of Spider activities 

Halloween art and craft activityHalloween Craft Activity: "Paper Bag Pumpkins"
During this preschool activity children develop fine motor skills as they paint, cut and glue to create the members of a Halloween Pumpkin Patch.

You will need:
Brown paper bags-lunch size, orange poster paint, paintbrushes, black construction paper, craft glue, rubber bands, child safety scissors and lots of newspaper.

Working with small groups of preschoolers, ask children to cover a low table with newspaper.  Next help young children fill paper bags with crumpled newspaper.  Wrap a rubber band tightly around the neck of each bag to create the pumpkin's stem.

Now pre-k children paint their pumpkin bags orange.  Set the bags aside and allow them to dry.  While they are drying encourage young children to cut out the eyes, nose and mouth for their Jack-O-Lanterns from the black construction paper.  Glue the facial features on when the bags are completely dry.

Display your Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns for all to see.
Hint: Children enjoy tracing and cutting out triangles to be used as the facial features.

Halloween art and craft activityHalloween Paper Plate Masks
Halloween masks are sometimes scary to very young preschoolers.  During this fall activity children create their own masks. These masks are held in the children's hands, which permits them to peek from behind.  A nice alternative to masks that cover the entire head and face or that must be tied on children.

You will need:
Cardboard tubes from paper towel rolls, paper plates,, craft glue, child safety scissors, assorted construction paper, felt tip markers, stapler, yarn and fabric pieces (optional).

Help pre-k children cut out eye holes in the paper plates.  Children can cut out facial features from assorted construction paper and glue to the plate. Cut and glue strands of yarn for hair then use felt tip marker to add more features or details to the mask (eyebrows etc.).

Now press together one end of each paper towel tube and staple one pressed edge tube to each paper plate mask.
Encourage children to take a good look at their masks. Would fabric glued to the tube help give the masks a special appearance?  How about a thin piece of fabric to look like a ribbon etc.?  These masks can do double duty as puppets.

Finally, it's time for children to make-up and act out a friendly halloween story using their masks/puppets.

jack-o-lanternLace-Up Pumpkins
Lots of learning for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten children with this lesson by Cathy. Hand to eye coordination, fine motor skills, autumn and pumpkins are all objectives for this activity.

Materials: Orange construction paper, clear contact paper, yarn or thin ribbon, masking tape and a whole puncher.

Description: I am working with 2.5-3 year olds so I will prepare the pumpkins myself.  Older kids can cut out their own.  Cut out pumpkin shapes about the size of a paper plate or smaller.  Decorate with stem, leaves, or as a Jack-O-Lantern if desired.  Cover both sides with clear contact paper, cutting off extra.

Based on children's ability level, punch holes along the outside edge of pumpkin about a 1/2 inch in.  Punch several holes for older kids and a just a few larger ones for little kids.  Put a tiny bit of masking tape on the end of a long piece of orange yarn or ribbon (this holds the end firm instead of using a needle) and have the kids lace up the pumpkin.  When done, tape the end of the yarn to the back of the pumpkin.  VOILA.  Cute activity and challenging for the kids, but they are very thrilled with their accomplishments when done.

Comments: This lesson can be adapted to fit any theme.  Use apples, snow men, flowers, etc.

Before you leave the Halloween Theme take a peek at Halloween Safety Tips



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