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On the blackboard below there are over 60 themes filled with
      activities, lesson plans, ideas and suggestions that enhance
      early childhood curriculum.
You'll find 4 Skill Development checklists to help guide your
     individual plans for preschool children.
You'll also find Sight Word Vocabulary Lists.
There's even a Preschool Facility Checklist to help you create
     and maintain a Safe Environment for young children.
When you need a break, take a look in the relaxation corner.
And there is more coming soon!
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Themes Plus...

New Theme 100 Great Picture Books

 4th of July Activities

5 Senses

All  About  Me

Alphabet  &  Literacy Activities

Apple,  Apples,  Apples! 

Art  Recipes  and  Activities

Birds,  Birds,  Birds!

Birthday Activity Theme

Body  Activity  Theme 


Camping Activities

Caterpillars  and  Butterflies 

Christmas & Kwanzaa  Activities

Circus  and  Clowns

Color  Activities

Colorful  Rainbows

Community  Helpers 

Creepy  Crawlers 

Counting  &  Numbers

Development  Checklists
3.0 - 3.6 years

3.6 - 4.0 years

4.0 - 4.6 years

4.6 - 5.0 years

Dr. Seuss / Read Across America

Easter  Theme

Emotion & Feelings Theme

Farm Animal Theme

Fire Safety

Food and Nutrition Theme

Friendship Activities

Games That Teach:
Number, Counting & Early Math Games

Gingerbread Man Theme

Graduation  Ideas

Halloween  Theme

Halloween Safety Tips

Health  Activities
Tooth Brushing  &  Hand Washing 

Hibernation  Theme

Humpty Dumpty Theme

If  You're Happy &
You Know It

Magical Magnets

Mask Making Activities

Mittens, Mittens & Math

Mother's  &  Father's  Day

My  Family  Activity  Theme

Name  Recognition  Activities

Ocean  and  Sea  Theme

Outer  Space  Theme

Penguin  Activities


Playdough,  Goop,  Oobleck, 
& Clay


Preschool  Facility  Checklist

Puppets can Teach!

Rainbow  Fish  Activities

Science Experiments

Shape  Activities

Sight  Word Vocabulary  Lists
Pre-k    &  Kindergarten

First and Second Grade

Spanish Nursery Rhymes,
Songs and Finger Plays

St.  Patrick's  Day

Teddy Bear Activity Theme

Thanksgiving  Theme

Transition Times

Transportation  Theme


Valentine's  Day  Activities

Windy & Rainy Weather

Relaxation  Corner
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