Teacher Made Sock Puppets
These puppets are so cheap and easy to make.
You can add all kinds of features to make an endless array of puppets.
Save your old socks and socks with no mates or look for used
socks and accessories in second hand stores.

What you will need: sock, hot melt glue gun, pink or
red felt, card board from cereal box or thicker card
board, chalk, scissors and paper, googly eyes, and
anything else you would like to add.

What to do:
1. Print out the mouth pattern and cut out the shape
 from card board such as card board from a cereal box
 or card board that is a little thicker. Fold the mouth piece
 in half. (Make pointy mouth pieces for animals with
 pointy noses such as snakes, and wolves.)

Pattern for Sock Puppet A2. Insert the folded mouth piece into the sock so that the curved ends
    are facing the toe end of the sock. If it is too big, cut the piece smaller
    to fit so that it doesn't stretch the sock too much. Place your hand in the
    sock as shown in Picture A so that it is comfortable. Mark on the sock
    with chalk 1/2" beyond the end of the mouth piece. Cut off the end of
    the sock where marked.

3. Remove your hand and flatten out the sock so that the heal of the sock is on top.
     Cut away the extra sock material around the rounded part of the card board mouth
     piece 1/2" from the edge. See Picture B.Sock Puppet Pattern B

Sock Puppet Pattern C4. Fold open the toe end of the sock and the card board mouth piece.
    The mouth piece should be laying on top of the sock with the top toe
     end of the sock folded up. See Picture C. Place a drop of hot melt
     glue in the center of the lower edge of the mouth piece. Shown in
     picture C with an X.
    Pull the edge of the sock material over the edge
     of the card board piece and press it in place being careful not to burnPattern for Sock Puppet D
     yourself. See Picture D. Place another dot of glue on the top edge of
     the mouth piece and pull the edge of the sock over the mouth piece
     and press down. Place glue all the way around the edge of the mouth piece
     a little bit at a time pulling the sock material over the mouth piece
     and pressing it down as you go.

5. Cut another mouth piece from pink or red felt for the mouth. Cut it to fit over
    the card board mouth piece and cover the edge just a little. Glue it down.
    Cut out a tongue piece and glue it inside the mouth. To add other features
    stuff the sock puppet with scrap material to make the puppet firm.
    Glue on ears, eyes, teeth, and other features.