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 Valentine's Day Activity Theme

Valentine Rhymes
Here are several rhymes from Brenda B. that young children can learn and include in their Valentine Cards.

Materials: Pre made Valentines Cards, cut red white and pink hearts. Have young children decorate the front of the hearts with tissue paper, torn paper, glitter, etc. and use one verse from the poem below inside of the cards. Older children can use the entire poem.

Valentine, Valentine, Valentine so fine,
Valentine, Valentine, Will you be Mine.

Bears loves honey, Flowers love dew,
Bankers love money, And I love You!

The ocean is deep, It's wide and blue.
My love for you, Is steady and true.

Song Of Love
Gayle G. teaches this action song to the tune of  It's A Small, Small World

There's a big red heart down inside of me
 (trace a heart over your heart, using your two pointer fingers)
 There's a big red heart that no one can see
 (cover your eyes with your hands and shake your head)
 And it's filled to the brim with love from within
 (Stretch out both arms wide)
 And I give it to you
 (cup your hands together and move them to show
   that you are giving it to someone)
Comments: I use this during February and Valentine's Day. It can be used any 

Valentines I Made For You
Gloria shares this song which is sung to the tune of  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Valentines I've made for you,
Some with hearts and flowers too.
All of them bring love from me,
Each one is special, you will see.
If you promise to be mine,
Ill give you my Valentine.
Valentines Are Here 
Young children get moving and learn position words while singing this song from 
Sable J. to the tune of  The Farmer In The Dell.
 The valentine's are here,
 The valentine's are there,
 Hi-ho, the valentine's are here and everywhere.
 The Valentine's are up,
 The valentine's are down,
 Hi-ho, the valentines are all around the town.
 The valentines are in,
 The valentine's are out.
 Hi-ho, the valentines are scattered all about.
 The valentine's are low,
 The valentines are high,
 Hi-ho, the valentine's wave and say good-bye.
Counting: Five Pretty Valentines Poem
This math poem from Deveni H. promotes counting and subtracting

Materials:  Five hearts for each child.

Valentine Poem   Valentines
Five pretty valentines, 
From the Ten Cent store;
I sent one to Mother
Now there are four.

Four pretty valentines,
Pretty ones to see;
I sent one to brother 
Now there are three.

Three pretty valentines,
Yellow, red and blue;
I give one to sister,
Now there are two.

Two pretty valentines,
My we have fun;
I give one to daddy,
Now there is one.

One pretty valentine,
The story is almost done;
I give it to baby,
Now there are none. 

Comment: Stop between each verse to let the children count how many hearts are left and say 5-1 is 4 etc.

Love & Wishes Jar
Kelly H. suggests this Valentine activity saying, "Teach all of the children how nice it is to love one another and the fun of making wishes to see if they come true."

Materials: A recycled plastic jar. I use an empty applesauce jar. Then anything 
to decorate the outside of the jar. I use tissue paper and make hearts out of the 
tissue and next I use white glue to glue the tissue paper hearts onto the jar. I also glue a doily on the front and write, Our Valentine Love & Wishes Jar.

Description: Decorate the jar however you like and you can even decorate the 
lid. Then cut out some hearts and have the children each tell how they love 
someone or have them make a special wish and write on each heart or you can write it for the younger children. Put all of the hearts into the jar. Then at lunch on Valentine's Day we read the the hearts. 

Valentine begins  How Valentine's Day Started
Deveni H. offers background information and an activity about how Valentines began and why we send letters and cards today.

Materials: Valentine notes, envelope and stamps.

Description: First, talk to the children about Sir. Valentine and how he was put 
into prison a very long time ago for helping people he loved. While in prison he 
sent letters to those people that he loved and ended each letter with
"I'm your Valentine".
Have the children write a special Valentine note to mom or dad, (or someone they love at home). Mail the Valentines. I have a drop box just outside and the children can mail their own notes. Have the children watch their mailboxes at home for their special notes.

Valentine Card Game
Students will problem solve and use social skills to interact with classmates during this Valentine game from Meghan M.

Materials: A box of valentine cards, you will only use half the amount of cards as 
compared to the number of kids in your class.  For example, if you have 16 kids, 
you'll need 8 cards.

Description: Cut cards in half. Make the cut interesting, like a puzzle piece. 
Mix the pieces together and have each student pick one out of a bowl or sack. 
Next, turn on some music and ask the children to find the person who matches with their card. Ask them to match by looking at the pictures, letters or the cut of the card.  You can play this game several times. The kids love it!

Heart Brooch Recipe
Cathy H. shares this craft idea which promotes self esteem and encourages preschool and kindergarten children to create a Valentine for someone special.

1 cup flour
1 cup warm water
2 tsp. cream of tartar
1 tsp. oil
¼ cup salt
Food coloring

1.  Mix all ingredients, adding food coloring last. Stir over medium heat.
    Mixture will become smooth as it is mixed.
2. Remove from pot and knead until it is smooth.
3. Allow children to shape dough into heart shapes.
4. Put a safety pin in the back of the brooch before completely dry. 

My kids loved giving these away.  Some chose to write Be Mine, You're sweet etc.
on their heart brooches.

Valentine's Day ThemeBulletin Board: "Hearts With A Name"
Donna A. took this picture of her children's Valentine Bulletin Board with a digital camera and shares it with the following explanation.
Valentine bulletin board idea

"The board I did was people hearts, I got the idea from your web page and change it a little by having the children named the hearts. It was cute. Some named it Rocky, Ducky, Sabrina and Tops. All of the children had fun creating names.  I just want to show that you don't have to be top creative to do a bulletin board

Valentine music Game: Musical Hearts
Promote listening skills, color recognition and sharing with this preschool Valentine activity by Louise S.

Materials: 5 different colors of construction paper, scissors, mac tac. Mac tac the hearts if you want to.

Description: Cut out hearts in different colors, give one to each child. Ask the children to place them on the floor. Play music and when the music stops, the children have to stand on a heart. Ask questions like, "All those children standing on a blue heart, give someone a hug etc." Go through the colors until all the children have had a turn.

Comments: Excellent, the children enjoy it.

Valentine Wreath
Kim W. offers this early childhood activity saying, "It's a fun and beautiful project that builds self esteem."

Materials: Red, white, and pink construction paper,  paper plates and glue stick.

Description: Cut out the middle of paper plate, just leaving a ring. Ahead of time cut out big hearts, medium hearts, and small hearts. Take the big hearts and glue them on the ring of the paper plate. Make sure to cover up the paper plate so you cannot see it. Overlap the hearts. Point the point of the hearts into the center of the circle. Once the big hearts are on, you can put on the medium and small hearts. The wreath can be worn as a hat or put up on the wall.  You can make a small heart and put the child's name on it then hang it down from the center on a piece of yarn. Or, you can let the children just put on the hearts any way they want.  My class loved doing this project!

valentine activityValentine Finger Play & Puppet
This Valentine finger play for preschool and kindergarten children is from Karen F.

Materials: Red or pink construction paper, scissors, glue, crayons or markers.

Description: For each child copy onto red or pink construction paper one large heart, one medium heart, and two small hearts. Cut two long strips of pink or red construction paper for each child. Have each child make a finger puppet.

To make one, cut out all the hearts. Punch holes through the large heart on large end of heart for fingers. Draw heart shaped facial features on the medium sized heart. Then glue the face onto the point of the large heart. Next, accordion fold each paper strip. To make arms for the puppet, glue a small heart to one end of each strip then glue the other end of each strip to the large heart. To give the puppet legs, poke your index and middle fingers through the holes in the large heart. Encourage each child in turn to lead the class as he makes his puppet walk, kick, march, or slide to this rhyme.

         Move it to the right 
         Move it to the left
         Move it in the way
         Your heart loves best

Comments: The kids had a lot of fun!

"Thumbody" Loves You!
During this early childhood activity by Joy W. children will create their own Valentine postcard with a thumbprint and a poem or saying.

Materials: Postcards, ink pad, Sharpie marker, children's home addresses,
and a mailbox.

Description: The children will stamp their thumbprint, using the ink pad, in one corner of the postcard.  Teacher or aide will then use Sharpie marker to create an animal; bears, mice and for a sideways thumbprint, a cat or dog with legs or a centipede are cute. For younger children, the teacher can simply write on the top of the postcard. As a greeting, write "Thumbody Loves You" and then follow it with, for younger children, a simple "Happy Valentines Day from_____." Older children may have in mind what they want to say, and the teacher can turn this 
into a language activity by transcribing what the child tells her.  Then walk to a mailbox, if one is near and the weather is good. If not, promise the children that you will mail their cards and that they should check the mail each day.

Cooking: Heart Cookies
Promote eye hand coordination and taking turns with this cooking activity
by Lana P.

Materials: Shortbread mixture or some sort of cookie mixture, icing, red food coloring, heart cutter, greaseproof paper and oven tray, mixing bowl and spoon.

1.   With a group of children put ingredients in for shortbread mixture.
2.   Take turns to mix in the bowl, add raisins or chocolate drops for
3.   Make mixture into dough form and lay on surface to roll out with 
4.   Cut out heart shapes with cutter and put on baking tray.
5.   Put in oven for 20 minutes gas mark 4 until golden brown , 
6.   Take out and wait till cool.
7.  Mix the icing with water and a little of the red icing to make pink.
8.  Spread icing on heart and write valentines with children. 

Comments: Very messy but children love it!

Valentine song Togetherness Song
Even toddlers can participate in this activity by Donna. You might try it as a circle time song or a transition activity.

Description:  Have all the children line up and face you then the teacher will start off by singing...

Oh, won't you be my valentine, my valentine, my valentine.
Oh, won't you be may valentine (child's name).
  Call a child's name and hold his or her hand to begin forming the circle.
Oh, won't you be my valentine, my valentine, my valentine.
Oh, won't you be my valentine (child's name). 
  Sing it again until the whole class is called.

Valentine Mouse
Ida D. shares this early childhood art activity Valentine's Day.

Materials: Construction paper, glue, pre-cut shapes of hearts, sequins and yarn.

Description: Cut out a medium size heart that will be the mouse's body. Fold in half. Cut a piece of yarn to serve as the tail. Glue on to the inside of the folded part, then glue the rest of the heart completely shut. Cut out 2 small hearts for the ears, glue on. Use sequins for the eyes, and draw on whiskers and nose. A lollipop can also be used for the tail.

Comments: You can make the mouse body in different colors, so children can learn their colors at the same time.

valentine activityTeacher Made Gifts and Planned Valentine Party
Joy W. makes this gift for children to give to their parents during their Valentine Party.

Materials: For my party, the usual cookies, juice and paper goods.  Also, a poem  and a large motor poem. For pin gifts, available at craft stores, pink and red fun foam, gold nylon angel wings, silver pin backs, close head photo of each child. 

Description: For the gift, I purchased one of the Polaroid "I-zone" sticker cameras and took a sticker picture of each child, a fairly close head shot. Then, I purchased gold angel wings and cut foam hearts out of fun foam.  I also purchased a bag of bar pin backs.  This is an activity which requires hot glue, and as I burn myself frequently, I'd never entrust children with a glue gun, even  under supervision! 
I glued the wings to one large fun foam heart, or two or three smaller ones, then glued the photo on top.  Then I glued a bar pin on the back. This was time consuming, but went over very well.  After we had done our poem and activity, the children presented their gifts to their parents.

Valentine song Game: Valentine Heart or Color Hokey Pokey
Young children use color recognition, gross motor and language skills during this preschool activity by Dee Ann.

Materials: Different colored hearts, laminate,  hot glue gun, elasticized hair bands or scrungis.

1.   Cut out different colored hearts: You can use dye cuts,
     cut enough for each child to wear at least one on each hand and foot
     You can adapt to put one on a necklace, etc. 

2.  Teachers Hot glue hearts to hair bands or scrungis

3. Play Valentine Hokey Pokey
      Put your red (or any color you're working on)  heart in,
      take your red heart out, put your red heart in and shake it all about.
      You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around,
      that's what it's all about.

Comments: I've used this with developmentally delayed children too and it's fun for all!

Valentine Songs  Valentine Songs

Valentine SongValentine's Day
(Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb)
You're a special friend of mine,
Friend of mine, friend of mine,
You're a special friend of mine,
Be my Valentine!

Valentine SongI'll Make A Valentine
(Tune: London Bridge Is Falling Down)
I'll make a bright red Valentine,
Valentine, Valentine.
I'll make a bright red Valentine
And give it right to you.

I'll trim it with lace and bows,
Lace and bows, lace and bows
I'll trim it with lace and bows
And give it right to you.

Valentine SongThis Is A Special Day
(Tune: Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be)
Yes, yes, this is a special day.
Yes, yes, this is a special day.
Yes, yes, this is a special day
I can give hearts to my friends.

Take a peek at the Friendship Theme

valentine activityValentine's Day
Help pre-k and kindergarten children develop name recognition, shape recognition and small motor skills with this preschool education art activity by Diane S.

Materials: blue, red and white construction paper, lunch bags, elmer's glue and magic markers.

Description: Have the construction paper prepared or make patterns for the older children to trace and cut. You will need a half circle out of red, a square out of blue and a rectangle out of white. These need to fit the paper bag. After all pieces are cut,  glue the blue square on the bottom, red half circle on the top and the white rectangle in the middle. 

Now have each child print their names using the magic marker on the white rectangle. Now you have mail boxes ready for Valentine's Day.

valentine sorting activityValentine Sort
Add this preschool education activity by Debbie S. to your holiday curriculum and help kindergarten children sort valentine candy using two different attributes.

Materials: Large and small conversation hearts.

Description: Each child is given a bowl of conversation hearts. Make sure there are two sizes and various colors. Each child also has a sorting mat. I tell the children to put the hearts into two groups that show me they are alike.

Comments: The children came up with several sorting ideas; by color, by size and by the number of words on the heart.

Valentine's Day mail boxesHanging Valentine Mailbox
Help pre-k and kindergarten children create a Valentine mailbox with this early childhood activity by Jennifer M. or with another version titled Valentine Pouches later in this theme.

Materials: Paper plates, yarn, hole puncher, pipe cleaners, markers or crayons and construction paper.

Description: Each child will get a whole paper plate and a half of one. Have the child decorate both using markers or crayons.  They could also cut out hearts from construction paper and glue them on if they want. Taking both plates, punch holes around the sides so that the two pieces can be sewed together to form a "mailbox" or a pocket.  This means that the front sides of the plates will have to face each other to form the pocket.

Have the children sew the plates together using yarn. They can sew all the way around. Tip: tape one end of the yarn into a point so that it is easy to pull through. Tape a pipe cleaner on the back as a hanger.  Yarn can also be used.

Comments: For those too young to sew, either staple or glue the paper plates together to form a mailbox.

"Why I Love My Child"
Jan S. shares this project saying, "This is a parent activity so they will
take time out of their busy schedules to reflect on why their child is so special."

Materials: Note home to parents stating the activity and when it should be returned.

Description: As a Head Start Teacher for 17 years, I see how busy the parent(s) of my students are just trying to make ends meet. They are unable to spend time in the classroom because many of them are working, have younger siblings, etc..  Each month we have a "Family Activity", and for the month of February when we discuss "Love". Our activity is to have each family write "Why I Love (child's name).  These have been quite successful as we have had parents write a paragraph, a page, a book and even poetry! 

They may include a picture and each child sits by me and smiles with pride as I read what their parent(s) have written.  We then display them on the bulletin board in the hallway for everyone to read during the month.

Comments: I realize this activity is not for the child to do, but their self esteem is enhanced and my feeling is if a child does not feel good about themselves, they will not feel good about anything else.

Valentine Pouches
Foster pre-k and kindergarten children's creativity with this early childhood activity by Jenn J.

Materials: Paper plates (some cut in half), old valentine cards, cut out hearts, sparkles, markers and staples.

Description: Place a half paper plate on a full paper plate to create a pouch. Write the children's name on the front of the pouch. Have the children decorate their pouches and hang on the wall when finished. Send a list home to parents with all the children's name on it.  When the children bring in valentines help them place
them in the right pouches.
Comments: The children really enjoy receiving their own mail in their pouches

Valentine's Day Envelopes
Preschool and kindergarten children have fun and also use fine motor skills while making something to keep their Valentine cards in during this early childhood craft activity by Maria L.

Materials: Folders, scissors, tape, glue, picture of the child, names of the children, and any odds and ends you find to put on the envelope.

1) Take pictures of the children
2) This is an option but you may want to laminate them.
3) With construction paper and a black marker make a name plate
    that they can glue onto the envelope.
4) Staple the sides of the envelope together.
5) Have the children glue down their name and the picture. 
6) You may wish to have different pieces of odds and ends that they
     can glue on.

Valentine song Love Bug Puppet and Song
Ann shares offers this song along with the creation of a puppet to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Red, pink, white and black construction paper, tongue depressors or popsicle sticks, glue and markers.

Children can cut out two larger hearts and glue them by the points onto the popsicle sticks so that they are sideways.  These will form the wings of the puppet.  Next have children cut out smaller hearts. Children can then draw a face on this heart and glue it to the top of the popsicle stick for the puppet's  head.

Finally, provide or have children cut out tiny antennas and glue in place.  When you are finished the class can come together to sing the love bug song:

Valentine Song(Tune: Muffin Man)
 "Do you know the little love bug,
 The little love bug, the little love bug.
 Do you know the little love bug
Who comes on valentine's day?

He comes to give a kiss and a hug,
A kiss and a hug, a kiss and a hug.
He comes to give a kiss and a hug,
To (child's name) on valentine's day!" 

Comments: For younger children provide precut hearts and precut antenna and for older children provide half a heart shape stencil and show them how to place the heart on the fold to trace. And then how to cut through both pieces of paper to create a heart shape when opened (hearts are easier to cut this way).

When singing the song name each child and let your own love bug puppet give them a kiss on the cheek and a little hug! The children loved this project.

valentine gameValentine Circle Game
During this preschool education game young children use their auditory discrimination skills and everyone has the opportunity to participate.

You will need:  One red construction paper heart shape.

Teachers, in advance, cut a small (4 x 5) red construction paper valentine heart.  With youngsters sitting on the floor in a circle, select one child to sit in the middle of the circle.  While the preschooler in the middle has his / her eyes closed, another child quietly takes the valentine that is lying next to the child in the middle, and returns to the edge of the circle.  All the children place their hands behind their backs and the child who took the valentine says, "Be my valentine".

Now, the preschooler in the middle opens his / her eyes and tries to guess who has the valentine.  If the guess is correct, that child stays in the middle for a second round.  If wrong, the child who has the valentine goes to the middle of the circle and guesses next.

Bleach Painting
Allow for artistic creativity while exploring the science of the bleach removing the color from the paper during this kindergarten activity by Elizabeth C.

Materials: Construction paper in a dark hue (black, purple, red, etc.), bleach, Quips, sponges and paper plates.

Description: Pour bleach on the sponge on the plate, just enough to moisten.  Allow the children to dip the Quips in the sponge and "paint" on the construction paper. The bleach will take the color out of the paper and reveal a color that is lighter that the original color often white.  Great to do with Red hearts at Valentine's Day!

valentine "Heart Man"
Jamey C., an early childhood education teacher from Florida shares this easy valentine art and craft activity.

Make a "heart man" using  3 sizes of hearts: a large one for body, medium one for arms and legs, and small one for hands and feet. Add cotton balls for 3 - D eyes and put a red sequin on each cotton ball. Very cute! I hang mine from our classroom ceiling.  Parents and kids love it! 

Red Collage
Use anything red you can, with a variety of textures and let students glue to red paper.  Example of items to use:  red tissue, red Christmas garland, red crepe paper, and red pattern wall paper. For a twist, put on a variety of music, and watch how their work will change and develop.

There's another Valentine song in 
Nursery Rhymes for Special Occasions
More color activities in the Color Theme

valentine "Be My Valentine"
During this preschool education art and craft activity young children use motor skills and explore their creative abilities.

You will need:
Red construction paper, scissors, crayons, watercolor markers, glue, buttons, felt / fabric pieces, yarn, small cotton balls, ribbon, rickrack, gummed stars etc.

Teachers, in advance, cut red valentine hearts for each child from 9 x 12 construction paper.  Talk with children about Valentine's Day and why we give valentines to our friends and family.

Next, in a small group, give each child a heart shape and ask them to make faces on their valentines with the collage materials. When the valentines are dry, youngsters can exchange them or take them home to give to relatives etc.

1. For older preschool children, teachers can make several    cardboard stencils of   one half heart shapes (make enough  stencils for your entire small group).  Then youngsters can trace the half heart on folded red construction paper and cut out the heart.  Demonstrate so children will see what happens when you keep the paper folded while tracing and cutting.  Open and Presto!  The full hearts are ready for the collage faces.

2. Older preschool children will have fun tracing and cutting heart shapes of various sizes. When there are lots of hearts of different sizes, youngsters can construct heart people, animals etc. Let the children experiment making imaginary creatures.

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