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More preschool ideas and early childhood activities for pre-k and kindergarten children that enhance seasonal learning.
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More Spring Theme Activities

Handmade Chicks
During this pre-school and kindergarten activity plan by Karen L., youngsters use fine motor skills, cutting skills and learn the shape oval. 

Materials: Yellow and orange construction paper, scissors, glue, crayons or markers.

Description: Teachers, on yellow paper, pre draw an oval shape and leave room on the paper for the child's hands to be traced.

On the orange paper, pre draw legs with web feet attached, and a triangle beak.

 -have the children trace their two hands on the yellow paper
 -cut out hands, pre drawn feet, beak, and oval
 -glue the hands on the sides of oval for the feathers
 -glue the feet at the bottom and the beak towards the top 
 -use crayons or markers for the face and to color as each child would like.

Comments: For some of the children that have trouble cutting their hands out around the fingers, you could have them close their fingers when tracing.  This makes it easier for young children to be successful when cutting.

The children liked this activity and enjoyed it even more when we had them cut an oval out of white paper the next day and hung them up like they just hatched!!

The Easter Theme  in the Rainbow  Resource Room has spring activities too!


bulletin board idea Bulletin Board:  April Showers
Lorria creates April and May bulletin boards with children's art work.

Materials: Cut out umbrella, sequins, or anything else to decorate it with.  Raindrops cut out of blue construction paper.

For an April bulletin board I cut out umbrella's and let the children  decorate them with different shaped sequins. Then I cut out different size raindrops and put them up on the bulletin board. April showers bring may flowers.

For May I had the children paint large flowers using different colors and I put the child's picture in the center of the flower 

Comments: I like to use my children's art work for my bulletin boards, it makes them that more special.


Shiny Spring Flowers
Kristine offers this activity in which children use creative expression, small motor skills and experiment with color mixing.

Heavy white paper, precut if desired into large flower shapes, Karo syrup, paint brushes, smocks, tempera paint in spring colors.

This is an art project that I use in the spring. It can be used to elaborate spring colors. Pre-cut, if desired, large flower shapes. Or give each student a piece of heavy, plain white paper.

At the table help the kids mix tempera paint with Karo syrup.  They can use the paint mixture to paint their paper. When it dries it is a beautiful shiny flower.  I recommend precutting the shapes because it will be slightly sticky even when dry.  You can use the flowers to make a flower garden bulletin board.  They are very beautiful!

Lots of Art Recipes and Activities are in the Rainbow Resource Room.

song for spring Song For Spring
Susan offers this song to welcome the spring season.

When Spring Comes Rolling In!
(Tune:  "When The Saints Come Marching In")
Oh when spring, comes rolling in,
Oh when spring, comes rolling in,
The Bee's will all start to buzz,
When spring comes rolling in.

Oh when spring, comes rolling in,
Oh when spring, comes rolling in,
The tree's will all start to bloom,
When spring comes rolling in.

Oh when spring, comes rolling in,
Oh when spring, comes rolling in,
The rain will start to fall,
When  spring comes rolling in.

Teachers and children can keep adding verses.  Talk about what happens during the Spring season.

blooming flowerBulletin Board: Blooming Flowers
Jessica P. shares this creative early childhood activity that results in spring border for bulletin boards.

Construction paper, glitter, confetti, glue, stickers, silk flowers etc.

What I am in the process of doing is tracing all the children's hands on different colored paper. I am making flowers out of them. I use six to seven hands and put them around a four inch circle of a contrasting color. 

I will make a green stem and leaves then put them together. Now, I cut out flower pots from brown paper which children will decorate with an assortment of items (to personalize each pot).  When they are finished I will put them together and use them as a border for my Spring bulletin board.

Comments: You can use this for an infant bulletin board too! You can use their feet for the leaves and just skip the pots. Put clouds and a sun on top it looks cute.

Science: The Rubber Egg
Debra M. shares this version of the science experiment saying, "This is a science activity, in which the children will observe the changes in a egg from it's natural form, into a rubber texture. Great idea for cognitive development and sensory motor skills. 

You can ask the children what they think  will happen to the egg when the experiment is finished.  Also, allow the children to touch the egg, before and after the experiment and encourage language building skills by having the children to tell you their concept of what happened." 

An egg,
1 to 2 cups of vinegar, 
clear plastic container if available,
if not a used 32 ounce soda bottle , cut in half.

Explain to the children what the activity is about and what results they will being trying to achieve. Discuss what the children's prognosis will be. 

Pour vinegar into the container, and place egg in vinegar. wait three days, and allow children to explore and discuss the results.

Comments: I've used this activity at home and in my Head Start classroom. The activity was equally enjoyed. Sure fascination!!


Springtime song Baby Bumble Bee Song
Jessica shares her version of this cute spring action song.

  Baby Bumble Bee
 I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee
 Won't my mama be so proud of me
 I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee

 Yuck!!  That bumble bee got honey all over me!

 I'm tasting the honey from the baby bumble bee
 Won't my mama be so proud of me
 I'm tasting the honey from the baby bumble bee

 Yuck!!  It's all over me!!

 I'm wiping off the honey from the baby bumble bee
 Won't my mama be so proud of me
 I'm wiping off the honey from the baby bumble bee

 Uh Oh!!!  Here comes mommy!! 

Comments: I changed the words to the Baby Bumble Bee song because I thought that  if I sang it "Stung me" the children might be afraid of the bees.

The Creepy Crawler Theme is in the Rainbow Resource Room.

Cooking: Pitta Veggie Pizzas
During this  preschool cooking lesson plan, four to six children at a time use language and decision making skills.

You will need:
Ingredients, half of a mini pita per child, one pound container ricotta cheese, chopped raw vegetables (children can bring them from home) carrots, peas or broccoli.  Children can cut up the broccoli tops themselves.  One small jar of tomato sauce (optional) and milk.

Six to eight small bowls, two tablespoons, four to six teaspoons, five to seven small plates, one or two baking sheets, an oven or toaster oven.

A day in advance send a letter home asking families to send about one cup of their child's favorite raw vegetable, chopped and in a sealed plastic bag or closed container.

Help young children pour their vegetables into small bowls and place a teaspoon in each.  Encourage one child at a time to tell about his or her favorite vegetable and let everyone who is interested have a taste.

Begin cooking by helping each child to carefully separate each pita into 2 circular halves, and pile the pieces on a plate.  Together, scoop the ricotta into one bowl and the tomato sauce into another. Place a tablespoon in each bowl.  Create an assembly line by setting out, in a row, the empty plated, the pitas, the cheese, the sauce, and the vegetable toppings.

Show preschool children how to place one pita half on their plates, scoop on a tablespoon of ricotta and one of sauce, then add a few vegetables.  Stand at the end of the line and help children place their finished pizzas on the baking sheet.  Bake for about five minutes at 450 degrees.  Let the pizzas cool before eating.  Serve with small cups of milk. Pre-k books about vegetables:

  • The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss
  • More than Just a Vegetable Garden by Dwight Kuhn
  • Growing Vegetable Soup   by Lois Ehlert

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