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         Transition Times
  Transition times are often difficult for preschool children and their teachers.  These early childhood rhymes and songs help children move from one activity to another.  When children become familiar with just a few transitional rhymes they become secure in their knowledge of what comes next. There are also songs and rhymes that help preschoolers make the daily transiton from home to pre-k.

An entire Transition Activity Theme is in the RainbowResource Room.


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Let's Clean Up
To the tune of 
"Farmer In the Dell"

Let's clean up today
Let's clean up today
We've had our fun
Our day is done.
So, let's clean up today.

Quiet Time
This is my quiet time
My feet are flat and still
My hands too are still
My hands are in my lap
My head is limp
My body is limp
Now head rest on my knees
My head comes up
Now I am ready to listen.

Jimmy Through the Forest
Improvise a tune

Soft-ly on his tip-tip-toes
Jimmy through the for-est goes. Sh! Sh! Sh! (repeat)
substitute  the children's names.

It's Time To Cleanup
(Tune:  Frere Jacques)
Are you helping, 
are you helping
Pick up toys, Pick up toys
Let us all be helpers,
Let us all be helpers.
Girls and boys, girls and boys.

Clean-up Song
Improvise a tune
Clean-up, clean-up
Everybody get some toys.
Clean-up, clean-up
All the little girls and boys.
Clean-up, clean-up
Everybody do your share.
Clean-up, clean-up
Everybody, everywhere.

The words describe the actions
My hands upon my head I'll place.
Upon my shoulders, on my face,
At my waist and by my side,
Then behind me they will hide.
Then I'll raise them way up high,
And let my fingers fly, fly, fly,
Then clap, clap, clap them--
One - Two -Three!
Now see how quiet they can be.

Where Is Linda
(tune:  Frere Jacques)
A morning song or for circle time.

Teacher:  Where is Linda?  Where is Linda?
Linda:       Here I am, Here I am.
Teacher:  How are you this morning:
Linda:       Very well, I thank you.
Teacher:   Hop away. Hop away.
                (Linda hops away)
Repeat using other children.  Also vary the final action:  walk, skip, or jump away, etc.

It's Time To Sit On The Rug
(Improvise a tune)

It's time to sit on the rug;
It's time to sit on the rug.
It's time to sit on the rug
And clap your hands!

It's time to clap like this;
It's time to clap like this.
It's time to sit on the rug
And clap like this!

Mary's Here Today
(Improvise a tune)

Mary's here today, Mary's here today,
We'll all clape our hands and say,
Mary's here today.
(Repeat with other children's names.  This is a nice welcoming song after a child has been absent)

Hola Todos
A bilingual song to the tune of London Bridges

Hola todos, si, si, si,
Si, si, si; si, si, si.
Hola todos, si, si, si,
Si, si, si, amigos.

Hello everybody, yes, yes, yes,
Yes, yes, yes:  yes, yes, yes.
Hello everybody, yes, yes, yes,
Yes, yes, yes, friends.
For an entire Spanish Rhyme Theme go to the Resource Room

If You're Wearing Red Today
(Tune:  Muffin Man)

If you're wearing red today,
Red today, red today,
If you're wearing red today,
Stand up and say "Hoo-ray!"

Repeat: for other colors

For Story Time

Sometimes my hands are at my side
  hold hands at side
The behind my back they hide
  put hands behind back
Sometimes I wiggle my fingers so
  wiggle your fingers
Shake them fast, shake them slow
  shake fingers fast and slow
Sometimes my hands go clap, clap, clap
  clap hands
Then I rest them in my lap
Now they're quiet as can be.
  sit down and rest hands in lap

I Wiggle
Wiggle the body parts as 
they are mentioned.

I wiggle my fingers,
I wiggle my toes,
I wiggle my nose,
I wiggle my shoulders,
Now no more wiggles are left in me,
So I will sit as still as can be.


Two eyes to see the things to do
Two lips to speak clearly the whole day through
Two ears to hear what others say
Two hands to put the toys away.


Two Little Feet

Two little feet go stamp, stamp, stamp 

Two little hands go clap, clap, clap
One little body stands up straight 
stand straight
One little body goes round and round 
One little body sits quietly down.  sit
Going Downstairs (Upstairs)
by Connie Walters
Melody: Down By the Station

Hand on the handrail
We'll go down together
Walking very carefully
All in a row
We'll walk very slowly
We're not in a hurry
Let's be quiet
As we go!

(Substitute up for down)

An entire Transition Activity Theme is in the Rainbow Resource Room

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